5 Weird Policies in North Korea That Must Be Obeyed, From 'Unique' to 'Sadistic'


Talking about South Korea, of course what you remember is about the entertainment industry, typical food, to its culture which is now also widely studied by people from various countries.

However, it is different when it comes to North Korea. Considering that the country is known to be quite secretive, not much information is known to outsiders, and maybe only some of it is allowed to be known by the general public.

Not only that, North Korea itself has a variety of policies that its citizens must obey. Starting from unique policies, to policies that are considered 'sadistic'. Here are some unique policies in North Korea that you may not know about!

No International Phone Calls

If you have relatives or relatives living abroad, one of the most practical ways is to contact them via a phone line or video call. However, this cannot be done if you live in North Korea. According to Medium, North Koreans are not allowed to make international phone calls.

In the government of North Korean president Kim Jong Un, any information is not allowed to be spread overseas, nor is even information allowed to enter. If one of its citizens is caught making international calls through foreign branded cell phones on the black market, then that person could be sentenced to death by hanging.

Can't Wear Jeans

Whether for women or men, wearing jeans seems to have become one of the mainstay styles in everyday life. Unfortunately, it's not allowed in North Korea. According to the North Korean government itself, jeans symbolize capitalism so its citizens are not allowed to wear jeans.

Only Allowed to Change Hairstyles According to State Allowed

Who among you likes to change hairstyles? Well, if you live in North Korea, you can only change hairstyles that have been determined or permitted by the state.

Launching Ranker, there are 18 hairstyles for women, while 10 hairstyles for men can be chosen by citizens of the country. In addition, married women must have short hair, while unmarried women are allowed to have longer hair.

For men, they should also keep the hair length less than 5 cm. And for a hairstyle like that shown by Kim Jong Un, North Koreans are forbidden to imitate it.

Only a Few People Can Use the Internet

North Korea has internet access which is managed by its government. However, not everyone is allowed to use internet access in that country. Only a handful of people are allowed to access the internet, for example people who work in government and through special permits to access the internet.

Launching several sources, reportedly there are only about 20 to 28 online websites that can be accessed by North Korean citizens.

No Laughing

This policy may sound strange and unique, but it is true. North Korean President Kim Jong Un forbids citizens to laugh or smile. Not without reason, the ban on laughing or smiling which lasted for 11 days was a sign of commemoration of the death of Kim Jong Un's late father.

Not only that, according to Radio Free Asia's Korean Service and Ndtv, at that moment, people are prohibited from celebrating or doing activities in their spare time, so they are prohibited from consuming alcohol. If there are people who violate, then they will be arrested.

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