5 Weird Job Lists in the World, but Offer High Paying! Check, Anything You Want To Try?


The circulation of the number of jobs that are not small often makes us wonder what job is right for us. Usually we tend to look for jobs that match our interests and desires.

However, would you still be interested in working if offered a strange job and paid a fantastic salary? Like 5 odd jobs in this world that offer high salaries. Anything, see more here yuk!

1. Pet Food Tasting

The first odd job that offered high pay was as a pet food taster. This work assesses the nutritional content of animal food to ensure that the nutrition is optimal and acceptable to the animal's body.

They usually examine the smell and taste of the pet's food in order to understand whether the food is fit for consumption by the animal. Don't worry, because processed pet food is actually safe for human consumption.

2. Sleep Mattress Tester

Hotels around the world are known to seek out a dedicated examiner to assess how comfortable their mattresses are. It sounds trivial, but a mattress tester is also responsible for ensuring that all bedding meets hotel standards, including checking room lighting.

The pay from a mattress tester is also very high, you know!

3. Blood Cleaner at the Crime Scene (TKP)

Strange job but offers fantastic salary which next is a blood purifier at the crime scene. This job at first glance sounds scary because you have to be involved with the crime scene where the crime case occurs.

The workers are usually responsible for cleaning up the remnants of blood that occur due to criminal cases, including murder cases. The remnants of this blood will most likely be used by the responsible party as investigative evidence.

4. Living Mannequins in Shopping Malls

Mannequins are already known as statues that display outfits that are about to be sold in a shopping center. Uniquely, overseas there are those who are willing to rent real mannequins to display their outfits.

Because basically, a live mannequin does look more realistic because it reflects the actual size of the body. Work as a living mannequin is also promising, because the pay is hourly. Are you interested in applying to be a live mannequin?

5. Confidential Document Sender

Another odd job that offers fantastic salaries is sending confidential documents. This job is usually only given to those who are experts and trusted because it includes sending confidential documents that are not allowed to be known by other parties.

This document can include important information of a country or related to the survival of a person. Therefore, this document is also referred to as a secret document. These document senders can receive a fee per document delivery.

That's a row of odd jobs in the world, but offer high salaries. How about something interesting for you to try?

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