5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Due to Eating Too Much Meat During New Year's Eve BBQ


New Year's Eve is certainly the night that almost everyone looks forward to. Most people also do BBQ parties to fill their new year's eve. But of course you don't want your cholesterol to increase after New Year's Eve, do you?

So here it is, how to lower bad cholesterol in the body. Let's see the following information!

1. Get Enough Sleep

An effective way to lower cholesterol is to set a good sleep time, which is about 8 hours per day. A study states that sleep duration is related to blood cholesterol levels. This helps the body metabolize the liver and prevent the buildup of cholesterol.

2. Drink warm water

According to research, drinking warm water has a positive effect on the growth of gut microbiota and can help digest cholesterol foods without compromising digestive tract health.

3. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise may be an option for you. Exercise can help lower bad cholesterol in the body and increase good cholesterol. You don't have to do extreme sports. Light exercise that you can do such as jogging, running, cycling, and swimming.

4. Consumption of PSE Intake

PSE, or Plant Stannole Ester, is a natural ingredient that has been shown to be able to lower blood cholesterol levels. Experts recommend consuming at least 2 grams of PSE daily.

PSE can be found in vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, as well as complementary food supplements.

5. Drink Green Tea

According to research, green tea can reduce circulating total cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. Making green tea as a diet is the best way to lower cholesterol levels. The active polyphenols in tea help the digestive system after consuming a heavy meal.

Well, that's how to lower cholesterol in the body to prevent your cholesterol from increasing after a New Year's Eve BBQ party. Of course, maintaining health remains the number one priority, right? Don't forget to apply and hopefully it's useful!

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