5 Tips for Ending Endless Arguments with Your Partner


Engaging in different arguments in a relationship is indeed a natural thing. However, have you ever had an unusual fight that made you ask "How much longer does this debate have to go on?" or maybe "Is this the end of the relationship?"

Before you panic and do things that are not good, understand that disputes and conflicts are perfectly normal even if you and your partner are very careful about these problems. Therefore, don't focus on how much conflict there is but how you and your partner behave in resolving the debate.

For those of you who are having a long argument with your partner, here are 5 tips that can be done as a way out of the problem.

Listening to each other and exchanging solutions

Volatile feelings of anger often make you or your partner immediately throw hurtful sentences and blame each other. Instead of relief, the relationship is even more complicated because the ego is too big for each other.

Understand, a person's primary need is to be respected and heard by others. Rather than reply to each other's arguments, try to listen to each other in turn what is really the problem while looking for the best solution to the dispute.

Language in Relationship

Often disputes in relationships are difficult to resolve simply because you and your partner don't want to admit each other's mistakes. Instead of continuing the conflict by continuing the debate, it is better to use the time available to introspect and forgive each other.

Launching the Global News page, mutual acceptance and giving opportunities turned into the right middle way to leave an argument. If it is you who is at fault, immediately apologize properly and vice versa.

This habit will certainly give you a sense of regret so that it becomes a valuable lesson for you and your partner to be more careful in taking action in the future.

Avoid Bringing Up Old Arguments

The habit of bringing up old arguments is the main mistake that is often made when arguing with a partner. Quoted from the Glamor page, a psychologist John Gottman called this habit a major indicator of the cause of cracks in relationships due to unresolved debates.

To keep the relationship going well, you should avoid attacking your partner with old arguments that actually make your partner even more irritated with you. Yesterday's topic was left to be a long talk and stay focused on solving the main problem so that the debate runs smoothly.

Speak at the Right Time

It is a big mistake to start an argument when you and your partner are both filled with bad thoughts. Not to mention that previously unresolved problems are increasingly provoking anger and making things worse.

Instead of just wasting energy, it's better to find an appropriate time to re-discuss unfinished debates. Make sure you and your partner are calm so that the problem solving process can go well and produce the right solution, both for you and your partner.

Doing Meditation Often

The root of the problem of endless arguments is the amount of emotion released by you and your partner. If your emotions are getting more and more difficult to control, try starting a regular meditation routine with your partner.

Yes, a study on the pages of The Harvard Gazette reveals meditation habits can reduce the risk of anxiety, fear and emotions in a person. So that later, the debate between you and your partner is more wisely organized by producing good decisions without the interference of turbulent emotions.

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