5 Things You Need To Do If You Have Social Anxiety or Are Afraid Of Interacting With Others


Social anxiety is a disorder associated with fear of social situations that involve interactions with other people. But it should be underlined that social anxiety is more than shyness or nervousness.

Social anxiety leads to an intense fear of certain social situations, especially when meeting strangers, or situations that allow others to judge. That way, this social anxiety needs to be handled as well as possible.

Quoted from Myeasytherapy, there are several things that can be done to overcome social anxiety.

Know Immediately the Triggers of Anxiety

Social anxiety can appear in different ways in each person. Maybe you're worried about how other people think of you, while other people may be more worried about how they can express their opinion in a meeting room or even worry about ordering food at a restaurant.

On the other hand, you may feel fine around other people as long as they don't expect you to contribute or share your thoughts. Therefore knowing exactly when and why you are feeling anxious can help you take the first step in finding a solution.

You can start by thinking about which situations cause you the most discomfort and which situations you feel you are unable to deal with.

Keeping a Daily Journal

Keeping a daily journal can help you keep track of the thoughts and experiences you have every day. Pay attention to any negative thoughts that come up and how you feel each day.

Although these small changes seem insignificant now, over time it will help you to be able to find negative thoughts that have been holding you back, so that afterwards you can improve and turn them into something more positive.

Take Small Steps

Actually there is nothing wrong with starting something small. You don't have to direct the entire meeting or always have to strike up a conversation with everyone you meet.

Some exercises that you can try to get rid of social anxiety are getting up the courage to share ideas at work meetings, complimenting coworkers' clothes, trying to have a small chat with the cashier and so on.

Try Not to Dodge

Avoiding uncomfortable social situations is actually not the right thing. Let's say at a party, you want to interact and participate but are also worried about how it might happen.

Usually this will be created through actions such as staying busy in the kitchen during a party, when you have a chance to talk, you shift the conversation to someone else and refrain from talking about yourself or even in a group, you stay busy with yourself by looking at the phone so you don't someone is talking to you.

While it may make you feel more comfortable not being involved, it doesn't solve social anxiety. People may accept you with that attitude but they can't hear you without you trying to interact with them. Therefore, try to interact well and be involved.

Routinely Do Good Actions

Did you know, a 2015 study showed that students living with social anxiety and doing small acts of kindness for a month, could help reduce their desire to avoid social situations.

The link between kindness and social anxiety may not be easy to spot, but it makes sense when you think about it. In general, social anxiety involves some fear of rejection or disapproval.

But having good activities to do can help you think and feel more positive about yourself. Doing kindness regularly can help you reduce fear in social situations. That way, it's easier to find ways to interact with other people.

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