5 Steps to Strengthen Personal Protection from the New Variant of Corona Virus Omicron


The entry of the new Omicron variant is certainly a challenge in maintaining body resistance. Omicron itself was first discovered in South Africa and it is known that the new variant has a higher risk of transmission than the previous variant.

Before panic hits, try to focus on what steps can be taken to fight the virus. In order not to get infected easily, here we summarize 5 steps to strengthen self-protection from the new Omicron variant:

Being tied to a daily routine that cannot be postponed forces you to always move and meet many people in certain places. Therefore, it is important for you to routinely check the map of the spread of the virus in the places you will visit.

Yes, different places, different levels of the spread of the virus in that location. The higher the level of spread, the greater the risk of transmission that can threaten your health.

By knowing the map of the spread of the virus, you can adjust the form of protection according to the high and low levels of transmission in a particular place.

Selective in Choosing the Type of Macer

The development of a new virus is also followed by a higher risk of transmission than the previous virus. Quoting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page, the new Omicron virus is known to be more easily transmitted than the Delta variant and therefore a more special type of mask is needed for personal protection.

Of the many masks that are getting easier to find, it's a good idea to choose a mask with the KN 95 type as a strong form of protection in filtering virus particles that can enter the nose and mouth, as reported by the USA Today page.

Research from Duke University also found that disposable surgical masks offered the same level of protection against the new variant of Omicron.

Implementing Health Protocols Properly

The loosening of regulations on outdoor physical activity is often the reason you neglect and ignore health protocols that should be obeyed obediently.

Provisions for wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance must always be carried out wherever and whenever as a form of self-prevention.

Also follow the vaccine program with the appropriate dose as support from the government's efforts to block the virus to form immunity in every individual.

Make sure your body is always hydrated

Although it does not directly fight the virus, water still plays an important role that must be fulfilled by the body. A study at the University of California said, the immune system depends on meeting the needs of water that carries nutrients into the blood.

The function of internal organs is also affected because most of the body's content is water. Reflecting on the pandemic conditions where the spread of the virus can be easily transmitted, it is important for you to strengthen the body's immune system to avoid the threat of disease.

In addition to increasing immunity, consuming more water can support body movement so that it remains productive and awake in the midst of a pandemic.

Levels of Body and Mental Quality with Regular Exercise

It's not enough to just focus on physical health, mental well-being is also very important to pay attention to. Neglected mental health can give birth to feelings of anxiety that actually interfere with the immune system, making it easy to contract a contagious virus.

Exercise is a simple key that you can do to maintain physical and mental health at the same time. Citing the Medical News Today page, people who are used to exercising show much better mental and physical qualities than those who are less active.

Therefore, take advantage of free time to do light physical activities such as cycling, walking or just meditating at home. Mental well-being and fitness levels are maintained so that a strong protection against the virus is formed.

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