5 Psychological Hacks That Will 'Save' You in Everyday Life, Prevent Anger from Customers, One of them!


There are many psychological hacks that can be found in life. One of them is psychological hacks that can be applied that can save you.

Quoted from the Inc page here are some of them:

Chewing Gum to Calm Nerves

It is undeniable, sometimes you will be faced with situations that make you nervous. Whether it's because you will meet new people, or will soon appear to present something in front of a client.

But keep in mind that nervousness can affect the impression that will be displayed. To minimize it, you can chew gum. Psychologist Ryan Anderson reveals that by chewing gum, you're basically 'tricking' your brain into thinking you're in a comfortable state.

Avoid Anger by Sitting Closer

Feeling upset with someone is certainly quite normal to feel. But uniquely, it is psychologically easier to release anger to someone who is physically distant. As we know, sometimes letting go of anger just like that, the impact is not so beneficial in the future.

Therefore, if the irritation has begun to be felt, try to sit next to each other. By sitting side by side the annoyance that had been felt can be more muted.

Crucial Time Leaves a Good Impression

Did you know that people cannot remember the entire duration of an experience equally. In other words, when trying to remember something, a person is more likely to recall their first and last memories of a person or event.

Although the first impression is important, never forget the last impression, which is equally important. Therefore, when you want to impress and be remembered, try to think carefully about how to leave a good impression.

For example, say thank you followed by the name of the other person you are talking to, for the time that has been allocated to chat with you.

Frustrate Angry Customers with a Mirror

This psychological hack is indeed quite unique or maybe you never even imagined. Yes, a simple example is to put a mirror behind the counter.

The existence of this mirror can significantly minimize the possibility of irrational behavior from customers. Why? The reason is quite simple: basically no one wants to see themselves acting like someone 'a jerk.'

Warm Hands for a Better First Impression

Meeting them for the first time and starting to shake hands can make an essentially important impression. Warm hands or cold hands? Yes, a better impression is to present a handshake with a warm hand condition.

To be able to realize this, try to rub your hands first before shaking hands with an important person you will meet. Warm and dry palms make you look more impressive.

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