5 Portraits of Crazy Rich Medan's Bucin, Indra Kenz Invites Lovers to Vacation to Apply on the Ship

 Indra Kenz, or the owner of the real name Indra Kesuma, has become the most popular Crazy Rich Indonesia row. At the age of only 26 years, he has successfully accumulated the coffers of wealth.

Known as Crazy Rich Medan, he has a beautiful girlfriend named Vanessa Khong. What is this portrait of Indra Kenz and his lover like? Read on in full here!

1. Bring Your Lover to Important Events

Recently, Indra Kenz has just come to an event where he met other popular Indonesian Crazy Rich series. In the event, the man who often said the word "cheap bangeeett" came accompanied by his lover, Vanessa Khong.

In line with Indra Kenz who looks handsome in his suit, Vanessa looks beautiful in a black dress, blazer, and bucket hat which has always been her trademark.

2. Vacation Together

This young couple often spends time on vacation together. The various portraits of him who are on vacation together are always shared on his Instagram page.

In one of these portraits, Indra Kenz and Vanessa Khong are enjoying their holiday in Istanbul, Turkey.

3. Proposing to Lover on the Ship

Right on Vanessa's 20th birthday, this man who used to work as a busker proposed to his beloved girlfriend. On the boat, Indra proposed and proved the seriousness of his relationship with his lover.

Currently, the two are struggling together to reach the level of marriage. On his Instagram page, Indra Kenz often expresses his happy feeling to have Vanessa's figure. Like during the Anniversary, he expressed his gratitude for the lover of his heart who will soon become his wife.

"Happy Anniv @vanessakhongg.. Thankyou for being a woman who always understands, listens to all my complaints, becomes the best encouragement and support system," he wrote.

4. Build a Fancy Bar Business Together

Indra and Vanessa also shared news on Instagram that they and Edric Khong were struggling together to build a fancy bar business. Where there will be a bar, restaurant, and rooftop all in one place.

Distributed in 2020, it turns out that in the middle of 2021 yesterday, the fancy bar business was realized. Now they are the owners of the Red Wolf Bar and Lounge located at PIK.

When the development process has only reached 50%, Indra Kenz and his colleagues have spent a budget of up to IDR 35 billion more, you know! It's not wrong if currently Red Wolf Bar and Lounge is one of the fancy bars in Jakarta.

5. Compact in Social Activities

Not only vacation, business, and traveling together, this young couple is also active in social activities. Indra Kenz himself was indeed a motivator and supporter of the sharing activity in Medan called Action for Kindness.

It didn't end there, accompanied by the figure of Vanessa at his side, Indra Kenz brought Warteg Gratis, which is a loss-making business or a social activity pioneered by Edho Zell to bring to Medan.

That's the portrait of Bucin, aka the portrait of Indra Kenz and Vanessa Khong, his lover. This young couple is so sweet!

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