5 Popular Dramas of Jeon So Min Who Played an Affair in Show Window : The Queen's House


Jeon So Min has successfully played a female character who has an affair with her own friend in the new drama, Show Window: The Queen's House. She plays Yoon Mi Ra, the third person in the household of Han Sun Joo (Song Yoon Ah) and Shin Myeong Seon (Lee Sung Jae).

Surprised again, Mi Ra also has a relationship with Sun Joo's younger brother, Han Jung Won (Hwang Chan Sung) as an arena for revenge. Jeon So Min's acting in this new drama is very satisfying. Day by day, the artist born in 1986 continues to surprise fans.

Well, besides Show Window: The Queen's House, there are several popular dramas starring Jeon So Min. Here's the list.

Princess Aurora

Jeon So Min's first most popular drama was Princess Aurora. Aired in 2013, this drakor has 150 episodes. Princess Aurora tells the story of Oh Ro Ra, a 25 year old woman who was born as the youngest child of a rich family.

She is charming, confident, and materialistic. However, he did not hesitate to intervene to save his brother's marriage. Oh Ro Ra itself stars Jeon So Min. Thanks to this makjang drama, Jeon So Min received the award for the first time after debuting as an artist since 2004.

She won the award for Best New Actress at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards.

Something About 1 Percent

Curious about the romantic drama played by Jeon So Min? Something About 1 Percent you can watch. This drama is about Lee Jae In who wants to inherit his grandfather's property. However, he had to marry a teacher named Kim Da Hyun to get the inheritance.

Not based on love and only pretending, who would have thought that Lee Jain In and Kim Da Hyun would finally materialize. Kim Da Hyun himself was successfully played by Jeon So Min. Meanwhile, Lee Jain stars actor Ha Seok Jin. This drama itself aired in 2016. Not only love stories, but there are many moral messages that can be taken.


Drama Cross is a drama set in the medical world. Aired in 2018. Cross tells the story of a talented young man in the world of medicine. The young man who became a resident doctor named Kang In Gyu (Go Kyung Pyo).

Kang In Gyu becomes a doctor with the desire to take revenge for the murder of his father a dozen years ago. At the hospital he meets Go Jung Hoon (Cho Jae Hyun), an expert doctor.

Jeon So Min himself plays the main character, Go Ji In. She is an organ transplant coordinator who is the only daughter of Cho Jae Hyun.

Top Star U Back

The next Jeon So Min drama that is ready to invite laughter is Top Star U Back. Jeon So Min looks adorable with short hair in rural women's clothes. She plays Oh Kang Soon, an old-fashioned but intelligent and optimistic woman. In addition, Kang Soon is also a hardworking figure in the place where he lives.

Kang Soon then meets a former idol and top actor who was banished to his residence. The man named Yoo Baek (Kim Ji Seok). Who would have thought that the two of them were involved in a romantic story. This drama is not only about romantic love, but also comes with comedic elements.

Hee Soo (KBS Drama Special)

In addition to being Yoon Mi Ra, in 2021 Jeon So Min was also involved in a special drama project produced by KBS. One that stole the attention was Hee Soo. The drama special is about Joo Eun (Jeon So Min) and Tae Hoon (Park Sung Hoon) who get married and have a 6-year-old daughter, Hee Soo.

Joo Eun and Tae Hoon are both so busy that they feel deep sadness after Hee Soo died in an accident. To stem the sadness, they finally meet Hee Soo through virtual reality.

A VR program developed by Joon Beon (Kim Gang Hyun). The drama was a success and earned Jeon So Min an award for Best Artist. Not only shooting dramas, Jeon So Min is a permanent member of the Running Man program since April 2017. She is known as a cute and adorable member.

Meanwhile, Show Window: The Queen's House itself received a fairly high rating. This drama is also a makjang drama that is a fan favorite in Korea.

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