5 Interesting Moments in Korean Artists' Victory Speeches at the 2021 Awards Ceremony


Towards the end of the year there are many award shows held in Korea, ranging from awards for dramas, variety shows, to music. For those of you who are connoisseurs of the Korean entertainment industry, this event must be eagerly awaited every year.

Even though this award ceremony has been held at the end of 2021, it doesn't hurt us to take another look at what interesting moments happened during the event, especially in the victory speeches delivered by Korean artists.

What interesting moments happened in the victory speeches of Korean artists? Here's the summary for you.

1. Nam Goong Min – MBC Drama Awards 2021

The event, which was held on Thursday (30/12) then awarded the Daesang award to actor Nam Goong Min, for his role as Han Ji Hyeok in the drama The Veil.

In his speech when accepting the award, Nam Goong Min thanked his co-workers who have supported him and to the staff of the drama The Veil. Not only that, he also thanked his girlfriend who is a model and actress, Jin Ah Reum. “Ah Reum, thank you for always being by my side. I love you” he said.

The couple, who has been in a relationship since 2016, has openly revealed their relationship to the public. During that time, whenever Namgoong Min received an award, he always included his girlfriend's name in his victory speech.

2. Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young – 2021 MBC Drama Awards

The success of the drama The Red Sleeve brought the couple Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young to win the Best Couple award at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards. When receiving the award, through his speech Lee Jun Ho shared about his previous experience, when he received the Men's Best Couple award with actor Nam Goong Min in the drama Good Manager.

Nam Goong Min, who was on the same program, smiled at Lee Jun Ho's speech. Lee Jun Ho also said that the reason they were able to get the Best Couple award was thanks to Lee Se Young who always worked hard, always lightened the mood, and helped him in acting.

The funny thing is, Lee Se Young, who had delivered her victory speech first, immediately remembered that she forgot to thank Lee Jun Ho. Lee Se Young's funny expression when he remembered was caught on camera and made the audience excited.

After Lee Jun Ho finished giving his victory speech, Lee Se Young immediately added, “This is a thank you to Lee Jun Ho. You're the best, Jun Ho."

3. Lee Yi Kyung – KBS Drama Awards 2021

The actor who is famous for being funny in every drama he plays, at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards, won the Best Supporting Actor award for his acting in the drama Royal Secret Agent.

When delivering his victory speech, he admitted that this was the first award he had received after a decade in his career. Since he didn't expect to win the award, he didn't prepare any speeches.

Because he didn't know what to say, he called someone who he called Jagiya (a nickname in Korea, usually used for couples). Many thought that Lee Yi Kyung would call her boyfriend, but after a voice from behind the phone called her mother, suddenly everyone in the KBS building laughed and clapped for her.

"Safe! Mom and dad are very proud of you. All your years of hard work paid off.” His mother said that made Lee Yi Kyung touched. What Lee Yi Kyung did seemed to be the first, the award-winning actor made a phone call during a live broadcast and made the event even more interesting.

4. Rowoon SF9 – KBS Drama Awards 2021

Still at the same event, namely the 2021 KBS Drama Awards, again there was an interesting moment in the victory speeches of Korean artists. This time it came from SF9's Rowoon. Although not a winner, but Rowoon got the spotlight when child actor, Choi Myung Bin received the Best Child Actress award.

Because when delivering a speech, Choi Myung Bin thanked the main character of the drama The King's Affection, Park Eun Bin, by calling Eun Bin Eonnie which means older sister, but calling Rowoon as Samchon which means uncle in Korean.

Suddenly Rowoon was surprised when he was called Samchon and Park Eun Bin laughed teasing his co-star. This made the audience excited with their funny reactions, especially the fact that Rowoon was younger than Park Eun Bin, so he was surprised when he was called uncle.

5. Moon Se Yoon – KBS Entertainment Awards 2021

This time it came from entertainment awards given to variety show programs in Korea. In the 2021 KBS Entertainment Award event, Moon Se Yoon managed to get the Daesang award through the 2 Days 1 Night program.

In this touching speech, something caught the attention of the audience and all those present. In his speech Moon Se Yoon also thanked Kim Seon Ho, as a member of 2 Days 1 Night.

“To the staff members of 2 Days 1 Night, they are my heroes. Starting from producer Bang Geul Yi, writer Noh Jin Young, and Jung Hoon, Jong Min, DinDin, Ravi I thank you. Also even though he's not here, I want to say thank you to Seon Ho,” he said which brought tears to both DinDin and Ravi.

His speech received a lot of positive reactions from the audience, because even though Kim Seon Ho is no longer a member of 2 Days 1 Night, their family still feels close. This also makes the audience miss their togetherness, and hopes that one day Kim Seon Ho can return to being a member of 2 Days 1 Night.

Those are some interesting moments that occurred during the victory speeches from Korean artists at the 2021 awards ceremony. Of all these interesting moments, which one did you like the most?

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