5 Health Risks Behind Your Distended Stomach, Overcome While You Are Young!


A distended stomach can indeed make a person's appearance look unattractive. However, in addition, a distended stomach can also cause health problems.

There are several health risks caused by a distended stomach. What about? Check out the information below!

1. Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Did you know, it turns out that the risk of a distended stomach can result in heart and blood vessel disease, you know. This is because the bad fat stored in the stomach can spread and clog the blood vessels of the heart itself.

In addition, these bad fats are also active in producing cytokine cells, such as tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 6 which can increase the risk of heart and blood vessel disease. That's why, don't take this distended stomach problem lightly!

2. Diabetes

Excess belly fat is also at risk of causing diabetes. This is because the excess fat can weaken the function of insulin in controlling blood sugar, so that it can trigger diabetes.

Meanwhile, over time, complications from diabetes can also cause problems such as vision problems, nerve and kidney problems. Hmm, considering the risks of a distended stomach, it's fitting that you need to lose a little weight!

3. Hypertension

One of the dangers of a distended stomach can also cause blood pressure or hypertension, you know. As a result of excess fat can cause blockage of blood vessels, causing hypertension.

According to the American College of Cardiology, people with a distended stomach are known to have a 22 percent greater risk of developing hypertension than those without a distended stomach. Wow, that shouldn't be taken for granted at all!

4. Liver Disease

The next risk of a distended stomach is that it can cause liver disease. This can happen because excess fat can accumulate in the liver and damage the liver. Therefore, you should start to pay attention to the size of your stomach circumference from now on!

5. Dementia

Apparently, other dangers of a distended stomach can also interfere with the cognitive function of the brain, you know! This can cause a person to develop dementia or develop a senile disease such as Alzheimer's.

Well, there are so many health risks caused by a distended stomach. Therefore, it is important for you from now on to set a healthy diet, limit foods that contain calories, and exercise regularly. Because, this problem can attack anyone, including you who are still young!

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