5 Fengshui Mistakes that Often Occur in the Toilet, Avoid Getting Bad Damn


The science of feng shui really regulates how the arrangement of a house, including the room and the direction of the furniture. The goal is to create luck obtained from good energy and avoid bad luck. One of the important areas that must be considered in the feng shui arrangement is the toilet.

This room is the center of energy coming, both yin and yang. Even the wrong feng shui arrangement in the toilet can be a boomerang in itself and bring bad luck, you know. Launching from Real Tor, here are five feng shui mistakes in the toilet that you should avoid.

Leaving the Closet Hole Open

Do not leave the toilet hole open. If you do this, the positive energy in the area of ​​the house can be completely absorbed into the toilet.

The toilet seat itself has a lid so you can easily close it. Now, for the squat toilet, you can provide plywood as a cover.

Keeping the Two Glasses of the Toilet

According to feng shui, a long toilet glass can increase the close relationship of family members. On the other hand, two mirrors placed in a toilet that are not next to each other can break the harmonious relationship.

Don't Close The Toilet Door After Use

According to feng shui, water is a source and symbol of prosperity. Well, if you leave the toilet door open, then the prosperity energy from the water will gradually go away. Conversely, closing the toilet door can keep the energy of prosperity to stay.

Leaving Garbage Undisposal

Various kinds of dirt such as dust and garbage can indeed block the entry of good energy. Therefore, make sure to clean the toilet as often as possible so that unlucky things may leave your life as soon as possible.

Maybe you can make a toilet picket schedule for the whole family. This method is more effective, so that the toilet is always clean without garbage scattered and shiny every time.

Not Updating Toilet Wall Paint

Wall paint that is already dull in color should indeed be updated, because leaving it alone can bring sadness, you know. Make sure the walls are always new and bright so that they can provide energy to all family members who are bathing.

A bathroom with its own new wall can also improve a person's mood to take a shower. Well, if you are diligent in bathing, luck will come easier. The reason is, the god of prosperity prefers people who are often exposed to water.

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