5 Fatal Mistakes Most Fresh Graduates Make During Job Interviews, Have You Done Them Too?

 Are you a fresh graduate who has difficulty getting a job? Have you received an invitation to an interview but still don't pass to the next stage? You may make a fatal mistake during this interview or interview test.

There are some fatal mistakes that fresh graduates usually make when conducting interviews. What is it and how to solve it?

Come too late

This should not happen. Because the interviewers will see how disciplined you are when attending their invitation. So, before conducting an interview, it's a good idea to prepare everything from D-1 before the interview.

Whether it's studying, preparing clothes, shoes, and stationery. Because this will really help you on the day of the interview so that you don't rush and attend the invitation on time.

Indecent Clothing

When attending an interview, you should adjust your clothes to the dress code that will usually be listed in the invitation. However, if the invitation does not include a dress code that must be worn, it does not mean that you can wear freely as you like.

You must still dress neatly. Use formal clothes such as shirts, or blazer suits, and avoid using jeans or sneakers so that your appearance doesn't look casual.

Memorizing Interview Answers

"Please introduce yourself." is a question that you must answer when taking the interview test. Most of you will probably immediately describe yourself according to what is in your CV. But, that's not really what HRD wants to hear.

But you can start by introducing your name, then with your latest education history and end with your achievements and activities in the last 1 year.

Don't Say Thank You

Well, if this is a basic thing that you actually need to do not only during interviews, but also in everyday life. When doing the interview, say thank you at the beginning of the interview before you start introducing yourself and at the end of the interview before you leave.

At the beginning of the interview, say thank you because HRD has invited you to do an interview test. Meanwhile, before you leave, say thank you because you have been allowed to take the interview test.

Don't Ask at the End of the Interview

When conducting interview tests, interviewers will usually ask the question "Anything to ask?". Well, at times like this you should ask, because it will show your desire to join the company.

Even if they don't ask questions like that, you need to have the initiative to ask. Because this will be a plus for you and the company will feel valued and appreciated, so you may be considered for acceptance.

So, those were 5 tips that you can use to avoid fatal mistakes that usually happen to fresh graduates. So, don't let yourself repeat your mistake. Good luck!

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