5 Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Manipulative Perpetrators, Try Now So You Don't Continue to be a Victim!

 Manipulative attitudes can occur in friendships, romantic relationships to a closer scope than you imagine. The perpetrator can carry out the action lightly or heavily depending on the goals he wants to achieve.

Reflecting on the prolonged impact that is very dangerous, manipulative actions clearly must be stopped immediately. It takes the right strategy and steps from yourself as a form of protection from these 'dangerous' actions.

For those of you who get manipulative treatment from others, here we summarize 5 ways you can protect yourself from these manipulative actions.

Understanding What You Really Feel

The advantage of a manipulative actor is that he is very clever at hiding his actions from others. Before you get caught up in his ruse, try to understand how you really feel during your relationship with that person.

Ask yourself about how the friendship is with that person, is the relationship going unhealthy such as having a hard time saying no to constantly being blamed?

Immediately dodge and form a strong defense when the manipulative perpetrator performs actions that exceed the limit.

Strengthen Your Establishment and Life Purpose

The main goal of a manipulative is to control the lives of others by changing and eliminating that person's belief in himself. Therefore, it is important for you to affirm your position about who you really are.

As reported by the Inc Magazine page, reaffirming your purpose in life can protect you from negative emotions that can make you doubt yourself. So that later, it is difficult for the manipulative to take over you because of the strong stance you believe in.

Stand on Personal Desires, Not for Others

There's nothing wrong with listening to the advice of those around you, but that doesn't mean you have to always follow what other people want for yourself. Stop feeling unable to stand on your own. Do what you believe in without waiting for the approval of others.

In fact, manipulative behavior can work when you allow it to happen yourself. Launching the Psych Central page, when you just stay silent, manipulative actors will see this as a weakness so they want to take advantage of you, more than imagined.

So, increase your confidence and don't let them rule over you.

Listen Without Following

Everyone has a perspective based on their own experience, and so do you. In manipulative cases, the abuser will usually try to make you believe in his or her point of view and make yours look invalid.

Launching the Psychology Today page, the right way to deal with this action is to keep listening without changing your point of view.

The more you listen, the clearer his motives and strategies become. This will make it easier for you to determine the right action to protect yourself from that person.

Giving Resistance by Telling the Truth

If you feel that self-protection is not enough to get the manipulator out of your life, then the last step is to speak up and fight back against his treatment.

Manipulative perpetrators usually hold on to the ego and the belief that if the desire for their manipulative behavior will never be obtained from the victim, they will continue to do so.

It takes a bold 'bluff' to destroy the bad thoughts of the manipulative perpetrator. Say out loud how his behavior has a bad impact and interferes with your life. This is an emphasis that your self-esteem is not easily toyed with by others.

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