5 Benefits of Living Without Excessive Expectations


The word 'expectation' is certainly not foreign to the ears. Expectations are often formed in the process of life. For example, you are working on something and expect good and satisfying results.

But unfortunately, expectations do not always match the reality that occurs. This is what then causes expectations to lead to feelings of disappointment, irritation, anger and even sadness.

Therefore, it is also important to limit yourself from excessive expectations or even living without expectations. Quoted from Psychology Today, there are 5 benefits that can be obtained from living without expectations. Read more below.

Making More Responsible for Your Own Decisions

It is undeniable, sometimes things are done not entirely because of personal desires. There are other additional factors such as wanting to be praised by others or getting other forms of reward. But when you choose not to expect, then you will be more responsible for the decisions you take and do.

Why? Because you no longer focus on what other people give you for your hard work. You will focus more on thinking that everything you do is part of your job responsibilities or other business.

Can Separate Desire from What Should Be

In everyday life, sometimes an expectation is imposed by another person on the pretext that he trusts you to do it. But unfortunately, when those expectations fail, a sense of guilt emerges from you who did it.

In addition, feelings of disappointment and anger will be ignited. But it's different when you choose not to expect. You will focus on your desires, your values, the foundations of integrity and belief that you have.

Avoid Feeling Disappointed and Angry

The benefits of this one is certainly not a secret anymore. Expectations that are not met often lead to feelings of disappointment and anger. Of course, if those expectations can be soaked in and not too forced, then the benefits that can be felt are avoiding feelings of disappointment and anger.

Of course this will be better from the emotional side to build better emotional intelligence as well.

Avoiding Prolonged Regret

If feelings of disappointment and anger accumulate over time due to expectations, then it is not impossible that it will turn into a prolonged feeling of regret. As a result, this does not rule out the possibility for someone to do things that are far from useful.

Worse, this can trigger mental health problems such as depression and others. For this reason, by putting aside expectations, this prolonged act of regret can be minimized as early as possible.

Making More Appreciation of the Life You Live Now

Not a few have expectations and then get stuck in the future. Expectations that come with expectations encourage you to look forward. Mentally this can cause a person to get stuck in the future.

A simple example can be compared to a chess player who always thinks about the 8 steps that must be done and thinks about how other people react, how he responds, and how to make other people react as he expects.

But thinking about this over and over again can make you miss the chance to experience the life you're currently living. Therefore, try to minimize expectations so that you don't get caught up in your own thoughts.

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