4 Zodiacs Who Like Silent Treatment When You're Angry, It Makes You Hurt!

 Everyone's anger reaction is different. Some people show their anger by doing silent treatment or silent treatment to people who are considered wrong.

Silent treatment can make other people feel worried and uncomfortable. People would naturally wonder why they were treated that way.

Some zodiacs tend to like to do the silent treatment. Here are four zodiac signs that show their anger by doing silent treatment compiled from Your Tango. Listen, come on!

1. Sagittarius

The highest level of Sagittarius anger is shown by doing the silent treatment. For them, this is the right way to show their frustration when words can no longer improve the situation. By doing the silent treatment, it means they no longer care about the person who made him angry.

Quoted from Elite Daily, Sagittarius will be furious and do silent treatment to people they think are behaving stupidly. They act like that because their hearts hurt.

2. Aquarius

The cause of Aquarius doing silent treatment is usually because they feel belittled. They will avoid people who underestimate them both in the real world and in cyberspace. Yup, they're just too good at being cool.

Aquarius doesn't want to change their attitude until the person who belittles them apologizes sincerely. So, don't expect them to change their attitude until there is an apology to them.

3. Virgo

When Virgos are in so much pain that they can't be tolerated anymore, they get really angry. However, they are not the type to shout when they are angry. They prefer to do silent treatment rather than waste their energy in arguing.

Virgos think that keeping quiet is the right way to express their emotions. Their reaction when they are angry can make people who receive the silent treatment feel even more guilty.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn does not immediately do the silent treatment of people who do wrong. Initially they will act mature by warning the person first. If Capricorn's warning doesn't change things, they'll just take the silent treatment.

This zodiac sign with the male goat symbol does not hesitate to cut ties with people who have wronged them. It takes a lot of effort to get Capricorn to forgive their partner's mistakes.

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