4 Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends, Effective and Useful!


Are you currently getting many wedding invitations from friends? Maybe you are quite confused about what gift to give to a friend who is getting married.

Usually because you are confused, you prefer to give cash. Giving cash to a married friend is not a mistake. But there are times when you want to give something that will be remembered later.

Well, here are the recommendations for gifts that you can give to friends who are getting married in 2022. Starting from kitchen utensils, home furnishings, to knick-knacks that you can give. Prepare a budget, we'll take a peek one by one, OK!

Mini Gold

The investment trend that has become popular in recent years has increased the purchase of gold for some people. The trend of gold savings has also become a lot of enthusiasts. You can give mini gold gift ideas to friends who are getting married this year!

You can buy mini gold with a size of 1 gram. You can buy mini gold in e-commerce or at trusted resellers. Don't forget to include boxes, greeting cards and beautiful decorations to make the gift look more attractive.

Household appliances

As a newly married couple, you may not have too many household appliances. Taking advantage of this situation, you can buy gifts for friends in the form of household appliances.

The equipment can be in the form of cabinets, cosmetic shelves, or shoe cabinets, clothes hangers, bed sheets, to nightstands. For the type of goods, you can adjust it yourself. Make sure the item is really needed by friends and partners.

Cooking Equipment

Still about household appliances, you can also buy cooking utensils such as frying pans, pans, knives, cutting boards, spatulas, microwaves and cutlery such as plates, glasses, spoons and forks.

Some sellers also sell these cooking utensils in sets, such as a spatula set that you can get in e-commerce or a frying pan with a wide selection of models and brands. Besides being beautiful, these gift ideas can also be useful for friends.

Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

One more useful and unique object that you can make as a gift for a married friend, namely an oil diffuser or humidifier. An oil diffuser is useful for converting essential oils into aromatherapy scented steam that can scent the room. While the humidifier is useful for maintaining air humidity.

Choosing a gift that fits the needs of friends is definitely very useful for their domestic life. In addition, giving goods will also be more memorable because they can be used every day. As a tip, you can ask in advance about whether there are items that are needed so that the gifts that will be given are as needed.

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