4 Things You Can Know from the Human Design Personality Test, More Details from the Zodiac!


Human design is one method in understanding human character to the root. Quoted from the Jovian Archive, human design is an ancient and modern science, and has proven to be a valuable tool for getting to know humans.

This method offers deep insight into a person's psychology with strategies and techniques for making the right decisions. That way, you can live an easier and more fulfilling life.

Unlike the zodiac, which until recently was built on trust, human design is a logical and empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works or not for you.

So, what are the points in life that can be known from the human design method, which relies on birth data? Compiled from Mind Body Green, here are the reviews.

Energy Type

In human design, there are four main types of energy in human design, namely generator, projector, manifest, and reflector. Each type describes how you best use your energy, life themes, opposites in life, and much more.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Similar to the zodiac, human design can also find out your strengths and weaknesses, you know. You can identify your own strengths and weaknesses better once you know the energy types above, says Brafman.

How You Make a Decision

Quoted from the Jovian Archive, to make the right decision, it is important to know the authority and type of energy you have. Furthermore, it is said, authority is a tool for someone to know whether a choice is right or not. Authority itself is separated into two types of authority, namely internal and external authority.

In short, inner authority allows one to know whether a decision is right for us or not, whereas external authority is one's ability to provide an original perspective. This point of view comes from human design as an expression of the uniqueness of each person.

A Person's Role in His Life

In human design, there are 12 profiles that can be identified from birth data. According to human design expert Nikki Brafman, this profile gives you clues about the role you should play in this world. To get a specific explanation, you need to ask for help from a human design expert.

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