4 Reasons Why You Should Record Every Dream That Happens, One of them Overcoming Anxiety!


There is a saying that dreams are flowers of sleep. Meanwhile, according to Sigmund Freud's theory quoted from Very Well Mind, dreams represent unconscious desires, thoughts, and motivations.

While many of Freud's statements have been debunked, research shows that there is a tendency for the mind to produce dreams. Whatever it is, have you ever thought about recording your dreams and keeping them in a dream journal?

Quoted from Thrive Global, keeping a journal to record activities when you wake up is a good thing. Because, you can look back and be reminded of some events in life.

In addition, you can also discover patterns of thoughts and actions that can help you overcome problems and make better decisions for the next life. Here are some benefits for emotional conditions if you keep a dream journal compiled from Thrive Global.

Burning Creativity

When you record your dreams, both on paper and on smartphone notes, it means that you have triggered your creativity to work. In the process of thinking about each dream, there will usually be questions that can inspire creativity.

You can learn to be more open-minded and more curious about life. This can help you find more creative solutions to the problems and situations you face every day.

Learn to Overcome Anxiety

Not all dreams come with scenarios like in real life. Most dreams come with absurd scenarios and even tend to be negative. This is because the amygdala, the part of the brain that signals the fight-or-flight response, is working hard during sleep with fast-moving eyes.

The questions that arise over absurd scenarios when you write dreams can also decipher complex emotions. "Dreams represent parts of us that we generally don't pay attention to, such as when we wake up and reason verbally," Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University and author of The Committee of Sleep, tells Sleep.

A small sleep study with 20 participants showed that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is linked to processing emotional memories. So, it's a good idea to immediately write down how you feel during the dream can help overcome emotions.

Helping Emotion Process

Recording daily activities or diaries can help you process emotions, as well as when you keep a dream journal. Sometimes, dreams occur because of events that occur in our lives. For example, you are afraid to face a presentation, then when you sleep, you dream about the presentation that you are afraid of.

By keeping a dream journal, you will have a recurring dream record and the themes and patterns in it. You'll also likely find it easier to understand feelings you can't express when you wake up, so that you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your mood.

More Opportunities for Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is when you can realize the fact that you are dreaming and you can control your own dreams. Cool, right? Recording dreams that occur can make your conscious and subconscious mind aware that your dreams are important things.

After you can control your dreams through lucid dreams, it is said that you can also try some astral projection techniques. Interested to try it?

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