4 Fengshui Tips for Caring for Turtles to Bring Good Energy to Your Home

 In Chinese cultural fortunes, many animals have auspicious meanings. As depicted in the zodiac, for example. There are 12 animals that are believed to represent the characteristics and luck of everyone born under a certain zodiac.

Beliefs about animals and luck don't stop there. There is also a belief that turtles carry good meaning when kept. Quoted from The Spruce, this animal symbolizes wisdom, long life, and fortitude.

The following, compiled from the same source, are tips on how you can bring luck through turtles to your home. Come on, see!

Put it on the Back for Protection

As stated above, the tortoise offers wisdom about how you place your home in harmony with its surroundings. In feng shui, ideally, the turtle is behind the house.

The dot symbolizes support and stability. So, if you are looking for shelter for your home, especially at the back of the house, try placing turtles in this area

Indoor Garden

Apart from being behind the house, you can also keep turtles at home. Try making a turtle garden indoors so they can move around comfortably. Make sure you take good care of the turtles and keep them healthy and loving, okay?

Keep in the Garden

To invite the energy of longevity for its inhabitants, you can raise turtles in the front garden. As a bonus, the turtles will also add an element of protection from the energy outside the house, the way is by making a turtle pond.

Turtle Picture Decoration

The radiance of good energy from turtles does not only come from real turtles, but can also come from all things that are turtle-shaped, including displays or decorations. You can place pictures of turtles around the house to invite the energy of wisdom, protection, and longevity to its inhabitants.

The image could be a painting, photography, small figurine, or even an abstract tortoise shell pattern. Don't be afraid to be creative, OK?

Those are some tips if you want to embed the turtle element in your house as an effort to invite luck. In your opinion, which one is the most likely for you to make it happen?

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