3 Relationship Resolutions That You Can Make With Your Partner, One Of Which Stops Arguing Over Trivial Problems!

 The new year is always synonymous with resolutions. Resolution contains the hope and enthusiasm of the individual to achieve his goals. Not only make resolutions for yourself, if you have a partner, you also need to make relationship resolutions!

Making relationship resolutions can help you and your partner stay true to your promises, achieve the goals you have set, and strengthen the relationship. Here are some relationship resolution ideas that you can make with your partner. Come on, take a look!

Stop fighting over trivial things

Do you and your partner still often fight over trivial things? If so, maybe it's time in this new year for you and your partner to commit to no longer fighting over unimportant things.

Small quarrels over trivial things may not seem serious at first glance. But over time, these small fights can turn into serious fights that threaten the relationship.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Also, when you're about to get into an argument over trivial matters, take a moment to calm down and ask yourself, "is this really worth arguing about?".

Trying To Be More Emotionally Honest

Even if you are the 'outspoken' type, there are times when you avoid explaining your feelings to your partner. It can be difficult to open up emotionally to your partner, especially if you're going through painful and irrational emotions like jealousy.

However, it is important to tell your partner what you are really feeling so he can understand. Instead of saying "you make me feel...", start saying "I feel..." to your partner. This will help you and your partner stay focused on resolving negative emotions that arise within you without turning them into an arena for blaming each other.

Listening to Understand

If you or your partner have been listening to each other just to reply or respond, then try listening to understand. Don't nod automatically when your partner is talking. Avoid playing on your phone or doing other activities while your partner is talking. Active listening is a skill you and your partner must work on for a healthy relationship.

Those are three important things that you and your partner can make as resolutions in this new year. Make sure to be consistent in running the resolution, yes!

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