3 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Putting High Expectations on Your Partner, Take Note Before The Relationship Disbands!


Mutual trust is indeed the main foundation when dating. This feeling is often successful in maintaining long-lasting relationships. But there is one thing that needs to be avoided, namely putting hope when going out with a partner. Usually high expectations will produce high expectations as well.

Remember that the initial purpose of dating is to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. Don't expect your boyfriend to live up to high expectations. There are several reasons why you shouldn't hold on to hope with your lover, let's see!

1. Can Walk Not According to Your Expectations

No human being is created perfectly, including couples. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, intentionally or not. So maybe when you put your hopes up, suddenly your partner does something that doesn't match your expectations or even makes a mistake.

From this incident, the couple will go awry in the future, because they have to fulfill the expectations of one of the parties. If you really want your partner to live up to your expectations, it's better to talk frankly than secretly hope. Don't turn an existing relationship into a toxic one.

2. Generate Toxic Relationships

Just as discussed earlier, if you harbor hopes when dating. Over time it will grow hostility and hatred. This is tantamount to plunging dating into a toxic relationship. Usually there will be early signs when entering this phase.

First, boyfriends are always considered a hindrance in life. Because usually hope is the benchmark for success. If silenced, the couple will turn out to be manipulative so that the relationship lasts. Try to get rid of this habit rather than ending the love relationship.

3. Loss of Mutual Respect

Couples must be equal in a relationship, for example if a man is a king it means a woman is a queen. When one party acts as if it is better than the other, then mutual respect is lost.

This applies if you put your partner's expectations on courting, because usually these expectations are made when your partner doesn't meet expectations. So that there is a sense of underestimation that should not exist during courtship.

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