2022 Learning to invest, is it better to choose stocks or crypto?

 In this new year, is investing one of your resolutions?

If so, maybe now you are looking to start investing in stocks or crypto. Because as is known, the two are indeed different.

Difference Between Stock and Crypto

First, know the difference between these two things. Summarized from various sources, the shares have specifications with a predetermined purchase unit of 1 lot or the equivalent of 100 shares.

Then for transactions, namely through securities and have different transaction fees for each of these securities. Not surprisingly, potential investors will look for and choose the cheapest transaction fees.

In addition, the transaction time is limited.

While crypto, you can buy it from small capital even tens of thousands. The transaction time is 24 hours without holidays, and the trading platform or transactions through crypto exchanges and stored in crypto wallets.

Now the matter of transaction fees is also different for each exchange policy and crypto traded.

Fundamentals and Regulators

Both stocks and cryptocurrencies also have volatility. However, in stocks, there is a policy that maintains volatility while crypto doesn't have it or doesn't have it, so crypto will move according to supply and demand.

How about fundamentals and regulators? These two points are often considered by potential investors before buying. In stocks, you can see the fundamentals of the company's financial performance.

While in crypto you can see from its liquidity, supply, and market cap. Now, while for the regulator, shares are by OJK and CoFTRA in crypto.

Select which one?

After knowing the difference between stocks and crypto, at first glance it looks similar because they both have volatility. So which one to choose for investment?

You need to know, where the decision to invest is, it comes back to their respective choices. What is more important is that you understand the risks and learn them first before actually 'jumping in'. Aliases don't just follow friends. Happy learning and investing!

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