10 Workspace Design Ideas at Home to Stay Productive during WFH, Try it!


For those of you who work from home, the atmosphere at home may make you lazy to work. Apart from being accustomed to making the house a place of rest, it turns out that the arrangement that is not right can make work ineffective and attention easily distracted.

For this reason, according to research published on the Gensler website, a good room design is needed so that productivity at work can increase by up to twenty percent.

Before you decide to remodel your workspace, first take a look at the following 10 workspace design ideas, let's go!

Clean Impression with White Shades

One of the determinants of comfort while working is cleanliness. For that, you can follow a minimalist design with shades of white. The dominant white color of the room gives a clean effect and helps keep your mind clear.

Curved Bookshelf Close to the Workbench

If your work has a lot to do with books, then the style of architect Charles Gwathmey is worth emulating. The curved shelf arrangement is a smart choice for those of you who have a narrow workspace.

In addition to not taking up much space, you can also easily pick up books from the side or back with the help of a swivel chair. Placing a work desk close to the bookshelf will save time and energy so that work can be completed faster.

Colored Workspaces for the Creative

For those of you who work in the creative industry, you can use Alexandra von Furstenberg's workspace for inspiration. Brightly colored elements will radiate positive energy and keep you from getting bored while working from home.

Furniture with a domination of pointy shapes will free your mind and increase creativity. This combination will generate lots of ideas and inspire motivation.

Soft and Natural Lighting from a Canvas Window

An important element for maintaining focus is good lighting. This workspace design by Stefano Pilati can be an example of bringing in natural light from outside. The curved glass coupled with the white canvas insert adds an elegant and aesthetic impression.

The canvas between the folds of the window can absorb sunlight before it penetrates the workbench. That way, light enters with a moderate intensity and will not give a burning sensation.

Room with All-Wood Furniture

To be able to work well, a worker needs peace of heart and mind. For that, you can choose all-wood furniture to bring a warm and soothing feel.

In addition, choose a workspace near the door and place several potted plants there or create a small garden at once. When you feel tired from working, you can look at these plants to refresh your eyes and relieve muscle tension.

Contemporary Workspace

Designer Alberto Pinto's workspace is suitable for those of you who like closed spaces and simple designs. Outlined patterns and glossy black furnishings give this space a strong impression. The short gray armchair from Philippe Hurel matches the finish of the wood wallpaper. The simple design will lighten your energy so that productivity can be boosted without feeling heavy.

Window Illusion with Panoramic Image

Your workspace is cramped and there are no windows? Do not worry! You can outsmart it with panoramic photos or realistic paintings. With pictures of bright landscapes, you will be advised to free your mind and find inspiration even in a small room.

Spaceless Work Spot

No space left at home to be a workspace? Calm. You only need a desk set and a comfortable chair facing the wall to make it a private workspace!

Choose a chest of drawers and a small cupboard at the top to store the usual stationery and books you need. Install a painting or photo next to the closet so that your work spot doesn't feel bland.

Two Workspaces in One

Is it more productive to work with colleagues? Just divide your workspace in half! Choose a slim table and chairs that are short so they don't take up much space. Put a long cupboard in the corner of the room for the equipment that belongs to both. Place a pedestal on the wall to attach the notepads. This way, you will feel like you are working from the office and your targets will be achieved faster.

Cabinet Integrates with Work Desk

If your work involves a lot of files and documents, then you must consider this one design!

Provide a work desk that integrates with drawers and a small cabinet on the table at once. This will save you time to retrieve the files and tools you need. Saving time will make your work faster and leave you with more time to use productively.

After your workspace is neatly arranged and pleasing to the eye, hopefully there will be no more reason to be lazy. Hopefully these 10 ideas can inspire you to be more enthusiastic about your activities. Enjoy your work!

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