You don't always have to buy, these 6 gifts for Mother's Day you can make yourself at home


Mother's Day is a special day for mothers. As a child, this moment is also one of the best opportunities to give a special gift for mother, yes.

Giving a gift to mom is not just something to buy, it turns out that there are a number of other special things that you can make yourself at home and can be used as Mother's Day gifts, you know.

Curious about what gift inspirations you can give on Mother's Day? Check out some simple but meaningful gift options for moms here!

Favorite Cuisine Menu

The first gift inspiration that you can make yourself at home is the cooking menu. You can make this special moment an opportunity to please your mother in a simple way. One form of expression of affection that you can show is to cook a menu of your mother's favorite dishes.

Don't hesitate to ask your mother what menu she wants you to make. In addition, you can also choose to give your mother an opportunity to take a break from housework for a full day as an alternative gift, you know.

Sweetheart Greeting Card

In addition to making homemade menus for mom, you can also make cards that contain expressions of affection for her. Make sure you make it with your own handwriting to make it feel more special.

In addition to expressions of affection, you can also write thanks and special prayers on a card or letter which can later be given directly to the mother.

Homemade Poetry

Are you good at writing? It's time to use your skills to show love to your mother through words. One of them is by writing poetry.

Reporting from BBC UK, express how great a mother is and how important she is in your life. Even though it's simple, the sentence you write sincerely for him will feel more special.

Special Photo Collage

Furthermore, capturing moments of togetherness with your family can also be used as an idea as a gift for your mother, you know. The trick is to make a photo collage of your sweet moments with him or with other family members.

Print some photos that show you and your family together, then arrange them in a book album or make polaroid photos that hang on the wall.

Try to make it with a certain decoration or theme to make it look more beautiful. This gift can then continue to be seen together and will feel more memorable.

Jar of Hearts

Is it difficult to express your love for your mother directly? This gift might be suitable for you to try to make. Named the heart expression jar which contains sentences or words that represent your heart's content for him. How to make it is quite easy, you just need to prepare a jar or jar, origami paper, and a pen.

Write down what you want to express to your mother, such as affection, thanks, sorry, praise, to other positive sentences on pieces of origami paper that can be shaped as desired. Put all the paper into the jar, then decorate it to make it look more beautiful. Expressions of your heart can also be conveyed to the mother. Good luck, yes!

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