Wow! Not Only Gold and Luxury Bags, Lego Toys Can Also Be An Investment And Ready To Earn A Lot Of Money


Who among you likes lego toys? Or did your parents collect them too and made you wonder about it? Even some people reportedly have a special room to store LEGO collections, you know.

It turns out that besides being fun, Lego toys can also be profitable, you know! It's no joke because it can be used as an investment instrument, according to research from the Higher School of Economics in Russia.

The Lego toys studied were used Legos that had not been opened from 1987 to 2015. And in fact, the price increased by 11 percent per year. Citing CNBC, this figure is higher than the average return given by gold, stocks, and bonds.

And the price began to rise two to three years after the lego toys were sold out. Wow, your closest people who like Lego, have you had them yet?

Reasons Why People Pay So Much For Lego

Lots of lego fans. Not a few people are looking for legos that are no longer released or retired and are willing to pay dearly for it.

Lego fans are also known very much since it was launched in the 1960s. Because of this, many adult fans really value older lego sets.

But to enter this 'market' and make money is also not an easy thing, especially if you are not a true lego fan, who can analyze one day which lego sets might be very valuable.

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