Working from Home, Here's How to Apply Fengshui to Attract Creativity


Creating a comfortable and creative space is important when it comes to working from home. Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, fengshui means designing a living space in harmony with the invisible qi energy in the universe, a life force in all forms.

You just need to make a few simple adjustments in your workspace or bedroom to feel the changes. Such as moving a desk to a different part of the room or hanging an inspiring piece of art, will provide greater joy, creativity and balance. Want to know more? Pay attention to the following tips from Good Net!

1. Clean the House

The room where you spend a lot of time can affect your mood, you know. As a first step in applying feng shui, you can start to clean the area of ​​the house from dust and bacteria. A clean and orderly home will create an atmosphere of freshness and attract positive energy.

Finally, you can light incense to clear negative energy from where you work. It should be noted that the windows of the house are not dirty. In feng shui, it is important to keep windows clean so they don't get in the way of the joys and possibilities of your life.

2. Positioning the Furniture

In feng shui, the position of the object is something that needs to be controlled. In the office, for example, the desk should face the door to open up business opportunities and attract wealth. The sofa is also placed facing the entrance, but still provides free space around the door.

As in the room, the best placement of the bed is on the wall facing the door. Avoid placing items near the door so that energy can enter freely. At least the door can be opened by 90 degrees.

3. Post Inspiring Stuff

The room you live in should be able to give you inspiration. You can try displaying paintings from your favorite artists or vacation photos with your family. In addition, you can also paste the goals you want to achieve on the wall.

Whatever inspires you, put it around the house. But you should not hang the work too low. Remember feng shui is related to qi. If the painting is hung in a tilted or low position, it will affect your creative energy as well.

4. Set Color

Color as an expression of light has a strong power. Color has also played an important role in feng shui for centuries. To optimize the room, you can choose the following colors to match the elements.

Wood: green and light brown

Fire: bright red, yellow, orange

Soil: pale yellow and light brown

Metal: pure white and gray

Water: blue and black

Avoid choosing the wrong color. If you want a relaxed study space, don't use vibrant colors like orange. You can use brown.

5. Restore Balance with the Five Elements

The element of energy can bring balance to your life. For example, earth elements with pale yellow and light brown can make you more stable. When you're feeling unfocused, maybe you can add a metallic element color.

Likewise, when you feel uninspired, you can use the color of the fire element. What to avoid is to use fixed decorations. Like a dynamic life, the energy in the house also needs adjustment.

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