Whoops! Turns out it's not 2022, Pfizer's Vaccine Boss leaks when the world's Covid-19 pandemic will end


Last September, Pfizer CEO Albert Boula opened up about his prediction of when the Covid-19 pandemic would end. In an interview, he revealed that the pandemic due to the corona virus will end in the next year, namely 2022.

"Within a year, I think we can return to normal life," said Albert Bourla, as quoted by CNBC.

However, he delivered this statement before the Omicron variant spread and again created panic in almost all countries.

Continuing on, Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, Nanette Cocero predicts that if it is not 2022, the pandemic will end. According to him, the change from pandemic to endemic will occur in 2024.

"We believe Covid-19 will transition to an endemic state, potentially in 2024," he said.

This does not mean that the virus will completely disappear from Earth, the meaning of endemic is when the disease or virus is only contagious in certain areas, or even lives in certain seasons like seasonal flu.

The change from a pandemic to an endemic one will also occur if the population has sufficient immunity from the vaccine. Controlled transmission of the virus, hospitalization and death.

In order to achieve a 'feel free' from the Covid-19 pandemic, Pfizer's chief scientific officer, Mikael Dolsten linked that this prediction would be achieved if balanced with fair distribution of vaccines to areas with low vaccination rates.

"When and how exactly this happens will depend on the evolution of the disease, how effective vaccines and treatments are, and the fair distribution of vaccines to places where vaccination rates are low," he said.

Mikael Dolstren also added that the presence of a new variant of Covid-19 could have an impact on the continuation of the pandemic.

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