While Waiting for a Job Call, These 5 Activities Can Be Done to Increase Money! Make Rich Even at Home


Are you waiting for a job call or are you still looking for work? Well, usually at times like this you have a lot of free time. To fill this free time, you can do positive activities on the sidelines of busyness that can generate money.

Not only that, you can also use the free time you have to channel your talents and interests. What are some of the activities you can do to increase your cash? Here's a list of some of the activities to choose from!

1. Become a Dropshipper

Do you want to run a business without spending capital? You can become a dropshipper, you know! There are many various items that you can sell with the dropship system, such as skincare, cellphone accessories, and others.

Moreover, this activity also doesn't bother you to spend capital to stock the goods you sell. Tips so that you can quickly get money in this activity, you only need a device and an internet connection, and you have to be diligent!

Oh yes, you also have to choose a reliable supplier and have good quality goods, so you don't have to worry about the goods you sell are not worth it.

2. Selling Food Online and Offline

Selling online is one of the activities you can do to fill your spare time. By utilizing various social media, you can start selling something.

Selling food can be your choice to sell online or offline. If you like to cook, you can sell the food you make. Homemade food can be a food option for selling, because many people don't have free time to cook when they are busy.

You can offer your product to your closest friends and ask them to review it on social media as well as promote it.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer can also be your choice to earn money. If you have good skills in writing, you can try your chances of becoming a freelance writer.

It takes patience and persistence to be able to do this activity. Try to search for this job on the internet or social media, as well as check other websites for job vacancies. Having experience as a freelance writer will also add plus points if you are going to apply for a job as an SEO writer or content writer.

4. Become a Private Tutor

Do you have academic skills and are able to approach children? Becoming a private tutor can be your choice, you know! Actually, this one job is difficult and easy, yes, but you just need to be diligent and practice your abilities to be able to approach your tutoring students.

Also make sure what you say to your students can be accepted by them. During a pandemic like today, you can also do private lessons online, you know.

5. Selling Photos Online

Reporting from if you have a hobby of photography, you can sell your photos online. You can display and sell your work on various platforms available on the internet. When someone downloads your photo, you can already get a commission from your work.

Those are some activities you can do to earn money while waiting for a work call. Immediately determine activities that match your interests and talents. I hope your free time is not wasted. Good luck!

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