While it's still the beginning of the month & so you don't get carried away with year-end discounts, here are 5 tips for managing finances that need to be implemented


The young date has finally arrived. Usually at this time you will receive the long-awaited salary. Various needs are waiting to be fulfilled. Eitss, wait a minute. Even though you just got paid, it doesn't mean you can just use the money as you wish.

It is important to keep an eye on tips for managing finances so that they are not used too much. That way your finances stay safe until the end of the month and receive a salary the following month.

For that, while at the beginning of the month, you can apply the following tips for managing finances.

Prioritizing Basic Needs

The first tip that needs to be implemented is to prioritize basic needs. This basic need is actually an important thing in everyday life because it directly supports the process of life. Some types of needs that are certainly familiar to hear are clothing, food, and housing.

For that try to do a list of these needs. For example, paying rent for a house or boarding house, buying monthly or weekly food needs.

If these two needs have been met, then you can move on to clothing needs, where you might need certain clothes to apply for work, and so on.

Setting Up an Emergency Fund and Savings

Basically, saving is something you have to get used to. If maybe in your teens or children you were advised to save because you wanted to buy something, then when your financial mindset has changed for the better, you won't need that reason to save.

Make saving and preparing an emergency fund a routine so that your finances can remain stable and when needed. That way you also have less potential to get into debt.

Recording Income and Expenditure

This one thing also cannot be ignored. Keeping track of finances is something that is important to do. Both income and expenses. This is done to see the balance between income and expenditure.

Oh yes, the benefit of this note-taking routine is that you will know what you were not aware of but bought. Well, if the amount is small but often, it's not bad, right?

Do not let expenses even more than income, because this has the potential to cause debt or other similar things.

Smarter Use of Digital Wallets

In the digital era like today, the use of e-wallet or digital wallet is already familiar. There are many merchants and online stores that have implemented a payment system through a digital wallet.

The ease of this transaction increases the potential to spend money anytime and anywhere. For this reason, it is necessary to control yourself in using the balance in your digital wallet.

Keep a record of the expenses you make and don't get caught up in the convenience of the pay later facility in it, but overall, your expenses have exceeded the limit.

Implementing a Simple and Healthy Lifestyle

No matter how big the salary is, lifestyle is a personal choice. For that, you can certainly choose to live a simple life instead of promoting an excessive lifestyle, but actually that is beyond your ability.

It is better to stay away from extravagance and adopt a healthy lifestyle because it will help you get a better life. That way you will better understand that every thing you have in life has a meaning that should be maximized to support life.

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