Watching Music Concerts Can Make You Live Long, Really? Check out the facts here!


Do you like watching music concerts? Not only as a form of appreciation for musicians, music concerts can in fact also provide energy and happiness. Music concerts also tend to strengthen relationships and create solidarity.

Apparently, music concerts don't just give happiness, you know! A study reveals that the more you watch concerts, the longer you can live! Wow, how come, huh? Come on, see the discussion below!

Watching Concerts Makes You Live Long

A new study by O2, a company that owns some of the UK's biggest music venues, shows that if you attend concerts frequently, you are likely to live longer.

Launching from the Independent, research conducted by O2 with Patrick Fagan, Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith University shows that just 20 minutes at a concert can increase a person's well-being by 21 percent.

In addition, the study also shows that frequent concerts have a direct impact on well-being and can extend life up to 9 years!

"Our research shows that performances have a big impact on feelings of health, happiness, and well-being. The key is to attend regularly or once every two weeks to a concert," said Fagan.

Increase Self-worth

O2 and Fagan also conducted research on a number of participants. Participants in good health were tested by being asked to complete physical activities, such as attending concerts, yoga, and walking the pet dog. The participants were subjected to psychometric tests and heart rate tests to determine how each activity affected them.

The results showed that participants who attended concerts experienced an increase in self-esteem or self-worth and a sense of closeness to others by as much as 25 percent. In addition, participants also experienced an increase of about 75 percent in mental stimulation.

"By combining all of our findings with the O2 study, we conclude that coming to a concert once every two weeks can extend life by about a decade," said Fagan.

Regarding the research above, it doesn't seem excessive if music concerts can have a positive impact on health, and can even make a person live a long life. An example is the Coachella festival which has been going on for years. Many people prepare themselves in such a way to be present at the festival, one of which is by exercising and maintaining a diet so that they look attractive in the costumes they wear.

Not only that, these concerts also usually take place in the summer, where the weather is very hot. People in attendance will sweat from the excitement of dancing, which indirectly helps burn calories and release endorphins.

Music is also believed to create happiness and has been confirmed by a study from the University of Missouri in The Journal of Positive Psychology. The study states that listening to pleasant music has a significant positive effect on health.

So, interested in watching more music concerts?

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