Want to Try Investing to Get Rich Quickly? Get to know the types first so you don't choose the wrong one!

 Today, investing has become an activity that is increasingly favored by various groups. This is evident from the many discussions about investment that are being discussed on social media.

Other examples, such as influencers or public figures who often share their experiences of success in investing, where some of the invested funds earn high enough returns so that they are sufficient to fulfill the wishlist that was previously targeted. Of course, anyone would be tempted by these stories.

But before you start investing, it's good to know in advance about the types of investment instruments. This way, you can more easily determine the instrument that best suits you and your needs. In addition, the risk of loss can be avoided. So, let's check it out!

mutual funds

Mutual funds are investment instruments that are considered to be the least risky for investors who are just starting to enter the investment world. Investors will be assisted by an investment manager to calculate the risk of the investment made. Through reading the investor's risk profile, the investment manager will allocate investment funds that enter the type of mutual fund that is most suitable for the investor so that the results obtained will not harm the investor.

Types of investment

One of the most popular types of mutual funds is money market mutual funds. The instruments include securities such as Certificates of Deposit (Certificate of Deposit), Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI) and Money Market Securities (SBPU). The average maturity of these securities is less than one year with the percentage return or profit rate reaching 5-6 percent per year.

This investment instrument is perfect for those of you who have an investment target in the near future (one year). The good news is, with a capital of only Rp. 10 thousand, you can already invest in this mutual fund, you know! Hmm, very interesting isn't it?


Surely you are already familiar with this one investment instrument. Previously, mutual funds could only be done at securities companies, then deposits can be easily found at the banks that have been your place to save money.

Deposit itself is actually a method of saving a certain amount of money in a bank within a certain period of time agreed by the customer. However, the deposit savings cannot be taken carelessly if it has not yet entered the due date!

Almost similar to the mutual fund system, deposit customers do not need to bother managing these funds because this will be done by the bank. Usually the yield per year reaches 5 percent.

If you intend to try this investment instrument, then you have to prepare an initial deposit of around IDR 8 million. But actually this nominal amount depends on the bank you choose as well.


Who says gold can only be jewelry? Apparently, gold bullion can also be used as an investment instrument, you know!

You don't need to worry if you don't have a special place to store gold, because now gold investments can be made in financial services companies. This gold savings can be resold if the price is rising. The profits obtained are fairly stable, not too high and not too low.


For those of you who have a target to invest in a period longer than one year, let's get acquainted with bonds. Bonds are a type of investment in the form of medium-term and long-term debt securities that can be traded. These bonds can come from the government (Surat Utang Negara), corporations and retail (ORI and Retail Sukuk).

Like debt, you as an investor will receive rewards from the bond issuer in the form of interest for a certain period and repayment of the principal debt at the end of the time stated in this debt. The growth of the investment value obtained is also quite stable with stable risk.


This investment instrument is the favorite of investors. The reason is, the percentage rate of return is the highest and has the potential to make you money. However, because of this high return, the risk of losing it is also very large.

When you decide to invest in stocks, then you also have to make sure you have enough knowledge to manage the shares you own. This includes analyzing market prices so that you know the right time to sell or buy shares. Those of you who have a target for a period of more than 15 years are strongly advised to try this stock investment.

Interested in getting into the world of investment?

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