Want to Sleep Better? Get acquainted with White Noise, Noise That Can Improve Sleep Quality


A good night's sleep is one of our basic needs as living beings. Unfortunately, there are often distractions that disrupt the quality of our sleep.

One of the most common distractions is noise. However, it turns out that noise does not always have a negative impact, you know. There is a type of noise called white noise which is considered to actually make you sleep better.

A study published in the journal Science Direct revealed that white noise has been shown to calm the mind and improve the quality of one's sleep. This is in line with its popularity which began to be used as relaxation audio.

But, do you know what white noise is and what are its benefits? Come on, see the following explanation!

White Noise Reduces Sounds That Disturb Sleep

After a day of activities, sleep will help rest your tired body and mind. Noise pollution that is uncomfortable to hear can interfere with rest and reduce sleep duration. In fact, not enough sleep and poor quality can affect our health, you know.

Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, to depressive disorders are examples of the long-term effects of unhealthy sleep patterns. If you are often disturbed by irregular noise around you, maybe you can try hearing white noise when you want to sleep.

Reporting from the Healthline page, white noise is a combination of various sound frequencies around us that can still be heard by the ear, which is in the frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. White noise serves to drown out disturbing noise with a stable frequency sound that is more comfortable to hear.

When our ears are used to steady sounds, our ears tend to ignore other, irregular sounds. That way, your sleep will not be disturbed.

Blocking and Masking Loud Sounds

Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep because of the sound of something falling suddenly? This happens because the ears are used to the silence that exists before you sleep.

When the ear catches a high frequency sound that occurs suddenly, the body's system reacts immediately and is alert. The unstable sound frequency makes it difficult for the body to relax.

For that, white noise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly because white noise has a sound frequency that tends to be stable. That's when white noise will act as a sound blanket that prevents you from being woken up by sudden loud noises.

Slows Brain Activity While Sleeping

When we sleep, our brains are still active. In addition to regulating organ systems to keep working properly, the brain also processes information and even forms new memories while asleep.

However, processing too much information while sleeping will interfere with your rest time. As a result, you will wake up feeling tired.

Well, this is where white noise comes into play. White noise will filter the density of sound that you will receive while sleeping so that the brain can be more relaxed. That way, brain activity will decrease and your sleep will be much more stable.

That's an explanation of the benefits of white noise to improve the quality of your sleep. Besides taking advantage of the sounds of nature, you can also search for white noise audio on the internet and use earphones to listen to it while you sleep. Have a good rest!

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