Want to reveal the true nature of your interlocutor? Just look at the shape of their nose


The shape of the nose does determine the vibes of a person's face. No wonder there are many shading and contouring products that are useful for helping the nose look quite different as desired.

Uniquely, it turns out that the shape of a person's original nose can show their personality, you know. Launching from Cosmopolitan, the following is a person's true nature based on the shape of their nose.


Most snub-nosed people are friendly and honest. They are what they are and don't like adventuring. This is what makes the owner of a snub nose easily liked by anyone.

Unfortunately, they are also easily provoked. For example, when they watch debates on social media, they will be hot and excited too!


Owners of sharp noses generally have high self-confidence. They are also suitable to be leaders because of this nature. Their business instincts are also very strong, making them often asked for opinions about business. No wonder, many owners of high noses often become class presidents!


Those with big noses tend to be selfish and stubborn. Their self-esteem is as high as the size of their own nose. Even so, the owners of big noses are intelligent people. By the way, a big nose is different from a sharp nose, right!


There are some people in this world who have a nose resembling a crow, with a characteristic bent forward. If one of your friends has a nose like this, then you are very lucky to be friends with them! The reason is, people with this nose usually don't like drama.

In addition, the owner of this nose is also very hardworking. They are fairly willing to do whatever is asked of them without constantly complaining.


Thin nose is different from a snub nose, huh! There are some people who have a sharp nose but the diameter is very small. Well, this is what is called a thin nose.

A person with a nose like this is usually very optimistic. They always don't bother with the risk. Their imagination is also very strong. No wonder, the owner of this nose is usually very happy to linger in the room to create works.

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