Want time to approach the cool guy? Don't Forget To Pay Attention To This, Beauties!

 Some of you may agree that cool guys do seem cold but have their own charm. Instead of staying away, you are actually curious and challenged to approach him.

There are some things that make a cool guy actually attractive in the eyes of women. One of them, ignorant guys are very caring and so considerate when they get a suitable partner.

However, approaching a nonchalant guy is not as easy as turning your palm. You can pay attention to some of these things when you are going to do PDKT with cool guys. What about?

No Need A Lot Of Code

Cool guys may not be sensitive to what you've done. Even cool guys tend not to care about other people around or towards girls who approach them.

Therefore, you should not need to provide a lot of code so that he is sensitive to the attention you give. On the other hand, with the code instead of welcoming the attention you give happily, he's afraid that he will actually be jealous of you.

It's a good idea to get to the point, aka talk directly to him so that he understands that you do have feelings for him.

No Spam Chat Needed

Approaching a guy sometimes doesn't need to be aggressive, especially if the one you are approaching is an indifferent guy who has a cold attitude. Don't just because you want to get his attention, you send him messages all the time even to ask things that are not personal.

Too often spam chat that is not important can make him il-feel you know. You don't want him to run away because you call him too often, right?

Find Out His Favorites

A cool guy is not the type of person who will clearly say whatever he likes. For that, you need to find out for yourself what he likes.

You can find out by watching him secretly or getting info from his closest friends. If you already know what he likes, then you have more material to talk about if you have the opportunity to talk to him.

Take the Initiative to Start a Chat

Waiting for a cool guy to start a chat with you might just waste your time. Because they tend to talk when there is something important to talk about.

But that doesn't mean you can just sit still. One way to get a cool guy's attention is to ask him. There's nothing wrong with saying hello first, or talking to him first.

The more often you communicate with him, who knows he will pay attention to you.

Keep Be Yourself

Even though approaching a cool guy seems difficult, you should still be yourself and don't need to be someone else just to get his attention. Moreover, according to the Exstyler page, you should consider showing off and having fun without him and making him feel what it's like to be ignored.

In addition, in order not to be too disappointed when you get rejected, you don't have too high expectations of him. If you are married, you will definitely unite. Don't give up!

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