Want time alone? No Problem, These 5 Ways You Need To Do When An Invitation Comes For Dating!


Being rejected by someone is certainly very painful. But this is indeed better than having a forced relationship without being based on love by either party.

But rejecting someone's invitation to date must be in a good and subtle way. Because, if done in the wrong way, men will feel unappreciated and respected. Then, how to refuse a good courtship invitation? The following are tips for gently refusing dating invitations, let's see!

1. Appreciate and Appreciate His Feelings

The subtle way to refuse the first dating invitation, you need to respect his feelings and appreciate his courage to reveal to you. Because, expressing feelings to someone is not an easy thing.

Say thank you for loving you and tell him nicely that you can't accept his love. This kind of rejection can make him feel respected.

2. Keep Calm

You need to try to prepare yourself calmly and with gentle words of refusal. Do not hesitate and immediately meet people who express love to you.

Better to be honest and say it up front than hang it in the dark. This will also make you comfortable and free from unpleasant situations.

3. Don't Give False Hope

The next way to politely refuse dating is don't give false hope. If you really don't like him, it's better to say it from the start and don't give feedback as if you want to be with him. This will make a man feel as if he has you, even though his love is one-sided.

4. Leave Well

If you really want to reject him then leave with a clean heart and never contact him again. When a woman says she doesn't want to be with a man, that may not stop him from pursuing someone else. One of the best ways is to stay away from it.

5. Say it Directly

Rejection is better in person than over the phone or text message. Making direct eye contact will give a different impression. That's a sign that you respect him and you can also see the expression on the man's face.

Well, those are tips for gently refusing courtship invitations. If done properly, of course, the rejection will feel peaceful and both parties will feel more appreciated. If done well, then men will also understand without feeling humiliated. Hope it is useful!

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