Various Myths Often Associated with Large Breast Size, Don't Believe It Anymore


Some women like the appearance of large breasts. Therefore not a few who decide to do breast implants.

Because doing this costs money, maybe some of you are trying various natural ways. Breast size is known to affect the level of self-confidence.

Even so, large breast size is often associated with various things, which are often just a myth. Anything?

Squeezed Makes Big Breasts

According to dr. Larissa Hirsch from Weill Cornell Medical Center, women's breast size is determined by genetic factors, hormones, and nutritional intake when they were children. He revealed that squeezing breasts does not make (breasts) bigger.

High Sex Passion

Big breasts are also often associated with high sex drive that has nothing to do.

According to him, sex drive is influenced by many factors, including hormones, body fitness, as well as sexual experience. If he has experienced the trauma of having sex, then it will feel scary and painful. Vice versa, if it gives a good experience then he is not afraid to do it.

Myths of push-ups can tighten your breasts Myths of push-ups can

Frequent exercise doesn't seem to make your breasts bigger. The reason is because the breast is made up of tissue, not muscle.

Gain Weight, Breast Size also Enlarge

However, everyone can experience different things. So, when body fat increases, it is distributed by the body to different areas in each person. For example, the fat you expect to get to the breasts instead goes to the stomach, arms, cheeks, and other body parts.

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