Unique Christmas Celebrations in South Korea and North Korea, There's Something 'Hidden Up'!


Christmas Day falls on December 25 every year. Christians from all over the world happily celebrate this day. Each country also has a unique and different tradition of celebrating Christmas, one of which is South Korea.

Although basically both celebrate the day, there are several traditions that are also carried out by the people of South Korea or North Korea when Christmas takes place. Curious about anything? Check out the full review below!

Money Becomes a Common Gift Exchange Item

On Christmas day, generally families, relatives, and close friends will exchange gifts with each other. In fact, people usually exchange gifts under the term 'Secret Santa', where they secretly gift someone what they want.

In South Korea itself, the same thing was done. But it turns out, money is one of the most common gift exchange items, you know. Launching Whychristmas, exchanging gifts by giving goods is indeed more popular, but giving money is also a common gift exchange gift.

Christmas Specials

A variety of special Christmas dishes and desserts are indeed appetizing. In general, families will celebrate Christmas by having dinner together at home, but in South Korea it is a little different.

Although there are also families who eat dinner by having a party at home, some other people also celebrate Christmas by having dinner at a restaurant. Launching Learn Religions, the Christmas Buffet is very popular in South Korea.

In fact, many people make reservations well in advance of Christmas. The food served at the Christmas Buffet also varies, from sushi, crab legs, to roasted turkey.

Christmas Celebrations in North Korea

Unlike South Korea or other countries, it turns out that North Korea is one of the countries where there is no Christmas celebration. Launching Whychristmas, some people who celebrate Christmas in North Korea, have to celebrate it secretly.

It is said that people who are 'caught red-handed' celebrating Christmas in North Korea will have a bad impact. Chances are, his family will be arrested or put in prison, as reported by Opendoorsyouth.

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