Unique and Curious, Here Are 7 Food Hacks That Are Viral on TikTok Throughout 2021! Dare to Try?


TikTok is known as a social media platform that provides a variety of fun and entertaining videos. Starting from jokes, recipes to various videos about tips and tricks, we can easily find them on this one platform. Apparently, the video about food hacks has become one of the most interesting ones, you know!

Here are 8 food hacks videos from TikTok that seem unique but interesting to try throughout 2021. Have a peek together!

Cutting Onions Without Stinging

For those of you who like in the kitchen, it seems that you should try this one cooking tip if you often feel sore in your eyes when cutting onions. Placing a pre-moistened paper towel around the chopped onion is said to reduce the splatter of liquid from the onion. Interested in trying?

Squeeze Lemon Easily

If you are a fan of lemons but find it difficult to squeeze them, these tips also seem to be a must try. Just by sticking an iron rod into the lemon and twisting it, it is said that it will destroy the contents of the lemon making it easier to squeeze.

Making Vegan Chicken

No need to be confused if you are a vegetarian but want to enjoy the delicious sensation of chicken meat. You can make imitation chicken from high protein wheat flour, you know!

Wheat flour dough that has been kneaded only needs to be rinsed many times until it turns into gluten. The imitation chicken meat is finished and ready to be processed into a delicious dish!

Cooking Japanese-style Rice

Fluffy rice lovers can really try this one cooking trick! Reportedly, adding ice cubes before cooking the rice and allowing it to melt will make the rice have a very fluffier texture like Japanese rice. Of course it will be very delicious if the rice is processed into sushi or eaten with chicken teriyaki!

Crispy Crackers from Vermicelli

Easy and fast, this snack recipe from vermicelli is a must try. Besides being easy, this crispy fried vermicelli snack also has a delicious texture and can be used as a substitute for crackers too, you know! It will be even more delicious if you add spices with your favorite taste afterward.

Japanese-style Ramen of Instant Noodles

Want to eat Japanese-style ramen, but only have a packet of instant noodles at home? This recipe is a must try! You can instantly turn instant noodles into a delicious bowl of ramen just by adding a little mayonnaise. If you want a more perfect taste, you can also add a half-boiled egg and a little chili powder.

Delicious Homemade Mozzarella

No need to worry if you are a mozzarella cheese lover but are constrained by a fairly expensive price. Through the food hack that went viral on TikTok, you can make your own at home. Interestingly, the materials used are quite easy to find and the price is affordable. To make this mozzarella cheese you need ingredients in the form of grated cheddar cheese, full cream milk, butter and tapioca flour.

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