Traveling hobby? These are 7 Ways to Save on Airfare Costs, One of them is Traveling on Certain Days

 Among the many accommodations when traveling, one that makes you dizzy is the cost of plane tickets. Prices that often soar will certainly make us think again before traveling. So, do you think there is a way to find cheap airline tickets for traveling?

The good news is that expensive ticket fees can be overcome with a few strategies, here! Not by cheating, there are some tricks you can do so that the plane ticket bill doesn't swell.

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1. Travel at the Right Time

The time you choose to travel will determine the price. Generally, tickets with flights scheduled on Saturdays are the lowest and allow you to save up to 30 percent. Meanwhile, Friday, Sunday, and Monday are generally the schedules with the highest rates.

2. Buy Tickets Through an Aggregator

Buying airline tickets is now very easy with the help of aggregators, especially through the application. Thus, you are not only stuck with one airline.

By simply typing the destination and time of the trip, you will get schedule information, prices, and even ongoing promos.

3. Look for the Guaranteed

Don't just be cheap, you also need to pay attention to the facilities you get when buying tickets. In addition to sufficient luggage capacity, you also have to make sure that the ticket you buy has a money back guarantee in the event of a cancellation. Generally, this guarantee is given by the airline for cancellations a maximum of 24 hours before departure.

4. Always Update Promo Issues

Well, this is the most important part of buying tickets! Using promos from airlines is an alternative if you want to save on plane tickets.

However, to get the promo price, you can't just set the departure date arbitrarily. There are certain times where ticket prices will be cheap. For this, you really have to be diligent in checking information from the airline's official website and related aggregators.

5. Take Advantage of Points

When buying tickets at an aggregator or the airline's official website directly, generally buyers will get points. The points collected can be used as flight discounts. That way, you can also save money when you buy your next plane ticket.

6. Select Direct Flight

Choosing a direct flight (trip without transit) is the right decision, as long as there is still a fleet available. The reason is, direct flights will offer cheaper prices than having to transit to several airports. Plus, you can save time too.

7. Choose Economy Flights

If you don't have a problem with flights with minimal facilities, just try choosing a Low Cost Carrier (LLC) as your travel companion. This economical aircraft does offer minimal facilities, such as narrow seat space and other limitations. Even so, you can save a lot at a low price.

Traveling is fun because it allows us to get new experiences, both at the destination location and along the way. But the problem is, you have to pay a lot of money for accommodation. But don't worry, the above cost-effective way of airline tickets will help reduce expenses so that your trip will be calmer!

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