Top 5 Best-selling and Most Wanted Items Listed on TikTok in 2021! Check, Do You Have It?

 TikTok is one of the most popular social media for sharing in the country. To close 2021, TikTok has launched "Year on TikTok 2021", which explains the trends around creativity and short videos in 2021. This summary also contains video categories, favorite music categories, popular hashtag challenges, and others that flood videos. -videos on TikTok all year 2021.

Not infrequently TikTok also becomes the main reference for its users to find recommendations for various useful products. The hashtag #RacuninTikTok has also become the main hashtag for users to search for these recommendations, and managed to receive a total of 5.8 billion views.

The product categories that have succeeded in becoming a trend in 2021 are the beauty, culinary, and home appliances categories. Here is a wishlist of the most searched items on TikTok, specifically those with the hashtag #RacuninTikTok.

1. Cellphone Stand

A cellphone holder is a tool that helps support a cellphone so that it stands in its actual position, so that it functions properly. There are also many cellphone holders with different shapes on the market, but we as smartphone users must choose the one that can function optimally.

2. Hair Roll

Hair rolls are indeed one of the popular items that are most in demand by women, so it's no wonder that it is able to become the most sought after item for TikTok users in the country. This hair roll is basically useful for making your hair look more voluminous, curly, and thick. So, you don't need to use a straightener anymore.

Not only that, if you want your hair to last longer, usually a hair roll will be used all night while you sleep. The next morning, your hair will look wavy again.

3. Household Knives

The most searched item on TikTok through the hashtag #ToxicTikTok, next is household knives. The unfinished Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of us to still spend time at home, so that cooking activities are increasing.

So, not a few women who want to equip household appliances, one of which is a knife. They also want to find affordable and quality knife options to support their cooking activities at home. Have you completed household appliances at home?

4. Mask

It's no wonder that masks are one of the most popular items on TikTok. Because basically masks are items that must be carried and worn when traveling.

The need for masks that continues to increase has also made many sellers offer masks with different models and types. Starting from medical masks, cloth masks, duckbill-shaped masks, and others.

5. Aesthetic Mirror

Aesthetic mirrors are mirrors that are available in various sizes, thus supporting their function. For example, there are mirrors that are small in size so they can be taken out of the house, to those that are rather large and suitable to be stored indoors. A series of mirrors that are usually kept in this room make the room look more beautiful.

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