To Love Without Wanting To Own? It could be a sign you're in a Platonic love!

Have you ever been in a situation where you admire someone but have no intention of being their partner? Whenever he needs help, you will immediately come to provide a sincere solution. In short, your feelings for him are really sincere even if he doesn't do the same to you.

If you have or are currently experiencing it, it could be a sign that you are knitting a platonic love relationship, you know! This type of love was originally expressed by the Greek philosopher Plato, who said that in this world there is a type of love that does not have to involve sexual desire and is given unconditionally from the person who feels this love to the other person he loves.

Initially, this kind of love relationship was known to only occur between parents and children or between siblings. But lately it turns out that platonic love can be felt by someone towards the opposite sex.

So, what are the signs that show that you are living a platonic love? Check out the following explanation yes!

Always There and Protecting

In a platonic relationship, you will have an emotional attachment to the person you love. If at any time he is hit by difficulties or fears, without warning you will always be ready to help him through these problems.

Even though it sounds romantic, you as a platonic lover will never think about taking your relationship to a further realm. Just making sure it's always safe and protected is enough for you.

Act As It Is

When you are in a romantic love relationship with the opposite sex, usually you will keep your behavior so that it doesn't look bad in his eyes. It turns out that this does not apply when you are in a platonic love relationship, you know!

Like a friendship, you and he will be more comfortable showing all of your true nature without the need to feel jaim with each other. Not infrequently, this habit of acting as it is makes you know the good and bad sides of each which in the end makes the platonic love relationship even more intimate.

Don't be jealous if he's with someone else

Even though you like him for who he is and always want to protect him, you won't feel jealous if he ends up knitting a romantic story with someone else. In fact, it is so sincere, you will be happy when he is happy with his partner.

Losing Isn't Scary

Usually when we love someone, we will usually be afraid of losing that person. Well, this doesn't apply to platonic relationships.

The relationship without ties that you knit with him does not at all demand eternal togetherness throughout time. You and he are both well aware that you have a personal life that is impossible to leave.

In fact, if one day he prefers to focus on his life and not communicate with you for a long time, then you don't have a problem with his decision.

Giving the best without expecting anything in return

The relationship based on deep feelings of love between two human children is indeed quite unique. His motto is to give, to give and to give without expecting the same in return from the person given.

You won't demand anything from him. The only thing you want is his happiness which is also the source of your happiness.

Wow, how about this phenomenon of platonic love, very interesting, right? I didn't expect it, it turns out that there are, you know, this type of relationship in the world!

In your own platonic relationship, which characteristics have you felt?

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