To be equally delicious, do these 3 things when you get a year-end gift that you don't like

 New Year's festivities are incomplete without the tradition of exchanging gifts. Usually, gifts are given to family, friends, friends, or spouses. Eh, but what if we get a gift that doesn't match our expectations or doesn't like it? How to give a response that does not hurt the heart of the gift giver?

When you are in that position, you must feel confused about how to give a good response so as not to hurt the heart of the person who has given you a gift. Don't worry, we have some tips that you can apply when facing this situation. Reporting from The Saurus, here are the tips.

Say Thank You

Even if you don't like the gift you get, there's nothing wrong with saying thank you as a form of appreciating the gift. Not only thank you for being given a gift, but also thank you because you are included in the list of people who will be given a gift.

At least, you respect the intentions of the gift giver. Consider the time and effort he has put into giving you gifts. Sayings like, “Thank you, you really care” are sure to make the giver happy.

Find Something You Like From The Gift

You may not like the contents of the gift, but try it, and look again at what you like about the gift. Maybe it's a nice color, made by your favorite brand, or something else. Once you find one thing that's special about the gift, compliment the gift giver, for example by saying, "I really like the color."

Don't Praise Too Much

Maybe you intend to please the gift giver by giving excessive praise. However, such a reaction seems to actually make the person doubt whether you really like the gift he gave. Therefore, you should give a simple compliment and not excessive.

Those are some of the responses you can give when you get a year-end gift, birthday, or other gift that you don't like.

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