Tips to Avoid Wasting a Self Reward


Self-reward is a form of self-appreciation after working hard. And the shape can be various, ranging from eating favorite foods, traveling, buying bags, and so on.

From cheap to relatively expensive, it is possible to do it, but you have to 'calculate' too because if there is no limit, the risk of going bankrupt approaches.

So, it's a new problem, right? The intention is to self-reward, but ends up overthinking because it's too wasteful? Therefore, try to apply this when you want to self-reward.

Not Always Expensive

What you need to try to instill in yourself is that self-reward is necessary, but it doesn't have to be expensive, it can even be free. For example, playing games all day, taking time off but just staying in the room all day, and finishing a series that has been downloaded for a long time.

There is a special budget

Want to self-reward to Bali? Or a staycation at a hotel in the city with a beautiful view? It's legal. To make it happen quoting detikFinance, you need a budget for it, which separates it from the needs post.

You can do this by setting aside little by little every month on a regular basis until it is collected according to the planned budget. Yes, because all of that requires funds so you need to be patient first to save.

If it takes a while to buy or fund your self-reward because you don't have enough savings, go back to point one. Because self-reward is not always expensive or just for the sake of fulfilling prestige.

Avoid Debt

Still related to the previous point, in addition to not touching the budget needs, you should also avoid taking debt, let alone using online loans (loans) to fulfill self-reward. Especially if the number is relatively large enough. Because it can actually add to the burden of your mind.

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