These 6 Signs of Body Language Can Help You 'Read' Other People's Minds


Some people are believed to have a strong intuition to read other people's minds. But not everyone can do that. No need to worry, if you are one of these people because you can definitely learn from body language or what is commonly called 'body language'.

Quoted from, it is said that 55% of information can be obtained from non-verbal communication. In fact, an Australian body language expert named Allan Pease says that body movements can tell us what other people are really thinking and feeling.

The following will explain further about what body language can be read through a person's movements.

Close eyes

The first body language that can be read is from the eye closing movement a person makes when talking to another person. Closing his eyes can be a sign that he is bored with the conversation that is going on so he closes his eyes in hopes of not seeing the person he is talking to again.

Covering Mouth with Hand

Next is the movement to cover the mouth with the hand. Whether it's using the palm of the hand, or with a few fingers in the form of a fist near the mouth.

This is one of the efforts made to control oneself so as not to let go of words that you don't want to say. Sometimes, this movement is often confused with pretending to cough.

Biting Glasses Arm

Have you ever seen a move like this in someone? If so, then based on their body language, they are worrying about something in their subconscious.

With these movements, they try to feel safe. In addition to biting the sleeve of the glasses, other actions such as chewing gum, biting a pencil or pen can also mean the same thing.

Rubbing the Chin

This gesture is usually shown when someone wants to make a decision. Usually they will also look in various directions, including to the side, up, down and others. It is also possible that they do not even know what they are looking at because they are deep in thought.

Cross Arms

This movement is quite popular and quite often seen. No wonder so many people feel comfortable with this position. As it turns out, this gesture can mean that a person is trying to close himself off from others. In addition, this gesture can also be used to cover up annoyance about something.

Hand Rubbing

Well, one more movement that you can try to read from other people is the hand rubbing motion. This movement can mean that someone is in positive thoughts or feelings about something. They are usually full of hope.

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