These 5 signs prove that 'adult' is not just a matter of age, you already have it?


Have you ever met someone who has grown up but whose personality doesn't match their age? People like this can actually be found everywhere. Because the fact is that not all adults have mature thoughts. Because a person's maturity can not only be measured by age but also from his mindset and personality.

So, what are the signs that someone is mentally mature? Who can put himself in accordance with the situation or who is smarter in managing emotions? Let's discuss together here!

1. Good at Prioritizing

Adults understand what is a priority and what is not very important. Which matters must be completed first and which can be postponed. People like this are no longer concerned with quantity but rather the quality of what they do.

2. Prioritizing Health

When we are mentally mature, consciously or unconsciously, we will prioritize health more than anything else. Because we begin to realize that being healthy is expensive and very valuable, we become more diligent in exercising, more selective in choosing food, and also making sure that we are getting enough rest.

3. Financially Aware

Most of us when we are young often spend money on something that is pleasant but only temporary. But when we grow up, we start setting up an emergency fund and other savings. We become smarter in managing money and refrain from buying things we don't need.

4. Selective in Choosing Friends

Many say that as they grow older, they feel their circle of friends is getting smaller. This is actually natural because there will come a time when we realize that not everyone can be made friends.

5. Good at Seeing Situations

People whose mentality is still a child tend to be easily provoked by temporary emotions which eventually make them look careless. He was finally judged to be less able to position himself in various situations. In contrast to those who are adults, generally more able to see the situation. They remained calm and professional even though things were very messy.

Those are the characteristics that a person is more mature mentally and his mindset has also developed. Are the characteristics above already in you?

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