These 5 Netizens' Favorite Korean Mukbang YouTubers Are Guaranteed To Make You Hungry!


Have you ever heard the term mukbang? The term is a combination of Muk-ja which means eating and Bang-song which means broadcast. So, mukbang is a term in Korean that refers to people who broadcast or create content while they are consuming large portions of food and being shared on the internet.

We often encounter mukbang content on YouTube channels. Presenting appetizing culinary content with a variety of varied dishes, more and more people are entering the profession as mukbang YouTubers. Although initially popular in Korea, now mukbang content has gone global and is loved by various groups.

Here are 5 Korean YouTuber channels with netizens' favorite mukbang content!


One of the most famous mukbang YouTubers is Dorothy. This girl with a cute face even has more than 4 million subscribers. The content he often shares is identical to spicy food.

One of the things he eats most often is tteokbokki and Korean spicy noodles. She was even dubbed the queen of spicy because of the ability to consume and withstand spicy foods that are considered inhuman for most people.

Eat With Bokki

This YouTuber, known as Boki, has the real name Moon Book Hee. She is known to have a beautiful and adorable face. Apart from his charming face, he is also known for his videos of trying various foods in very large portions.

In fact, usually he often spends portions for 5 people in one mukbang. However, some time ago he had been hit by a scandal because he was caught vomiting the food he had consumed. Even so, there are still many fans who remain loyal to watch the video.


Tzuyang is also the most popular mukbang YouTuber in Korea. This petite woman also has more than 3 million subscribers on her channel. Although small in stature, but the portion of food is quite large.

In addition, he also often inserts the opinions of the sellers of the food he serves and the people who eat there when doing mukbang outside the home. Tzuyang is still actively sharing his mukbang videos to fans until now.


This beautiful and petite woman has the stature of a model. However, behind that he is considered to have a big appetite. The portion of the meal is even 4 times that of most people, you know.

Unlike other mukbang YouTubers, he is synonymous with extreme food menus and mostly seafood. He even shows the process from processing ingredients to making delicious dishes.


This YouTuber has a slight difference in his mukbang content. During recording and eating, he did not speak a word. The video is also edited to be 2 times faster, so that viewers don't get tired of watching it silently finish their food.

Although the video looks like a rush, many fans like it because it looks real and simple. Hamzy also has more than 3 million subscribers.

Well, those are the 5 most popular mukbang YouTubers and are netizens' favorites. Watching their mukbang content certainly has the potential to increase your hunger and is guaranteed to make you drool!

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