These 5 Countries Celebrate Christmas in Unique Ways, From Keeping Fish to Hide Brooms!


Christmas and New Year's Day celebrations are a moment awaited at the end of every year. The gathering of family and relatives makes Christmas a warm moment that must be celebrated festively.

The whole world celebrates Christmas Day. Usually, every country will hold a tradition that does not escape their culture. Therefore, a series of Christmas celebration traditions often become interesting things that are shown by each country.

It is a big day for Christians, Christmas celebrations are often synonymous with various traditions such as decorating fir trees, exchanging gifts and eating together. But who would have thought, some countries in this hemisphere actually have unique and eccentric Christmas traditions.

Shaking Your Head, These 5 Countries Have Out of The Box Christmas Celebration Traditions!

Christmas celebrations in various countries are often accompanied by the implementation of the unique traditions of each country. But who would have thought, some of these countries have very unique Christmas traditions and even seem absurd.

From the tradition of eating goldfish to Christmas parties on the beach, these 5 unique Christmas traditions are only practiced by these countries. Anything? let's see the following!

1. Keep and Eat Goldfish - Slovakia

Christmas Eve is usually spent with family gathering and having dinner together. Likewise with Slovaks, family dinners with the main menu of goldfish are a Christmas celebration tradition for the Central European country.

But uniquely, goldfish, which is the main ingredient in the dinner menu, cannot be bought from supermarkets or markets, but must first be kept in the bath tub at home for several days before it is finally served on Christmas Eve.

2. Mummering Tradition - Newfoundland

The next unique Christmas Day celebration came from the country of Newfoundland. If Indonesia has a tradition of gathering during Eid, then Newfoundlanders have a tradition of Mummering at Christmas.

This Canadian state celebrates Christmas by visiting the homes of neighbors and relatives. But uniquely, the guests have to disguise and use costumes. Whoever guessed, the night he had to treat the host and vice versa.

3. Lighting Candles All Night - Ireland

Ireland is also a country that has a unique tradition of celebrating Christmas. Irish people will light candles throughout Christmas Eve in every window in their home.

This tradition stems from the Irish belief that candles will give light to people who are lost. This tradition is even more unique because the candle that is lit cannot be extinguished until morning and the youngest child of the family must light the candle.

4. Have a Beach Party - Australia

Christmas is synonymous with winter and snow. This is because in almost all countries, Christmas Day falls in winter. However, this does not apply to Australians. Unlike the others, this kangaroo country actually celebrates Christmas when the country enters summer.

This makes Australia have a unique Christmas tradition, namely celebrating Christmas with summer activities such as beach parties, rowing competitions, cricket and other summer activities.

5. Hiding the Broom - Norway

The last and most out of the box celebration of Christmas is done by Norwegians. Instead of decorating the Christmas tree or exchanging gifts, Norwegians are busy hiding their brooms during Christmas.

It is said that Norwegians believe in folklore that when Christmas Eve comes, all the forces of evil and magic will come out and roam. That's why they believe that the broom that is in every house they have to hide before they go to sleep so that if the witch wanders around, they can't use the broom for the power of evil magic.

Those are some of the unique traditions of Christmas celebrations in a number of countries. In your opinion, which one is the most unique?

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