These 5 Activities Can Be Reasons Why You Need to Celebrate Christmas to New Years Just at Home!


Entering Christmas and the new year (Nataru) 2022, the spread of Covid-19 is still happening in the world. Still the same as last year, the moments of Christmas and New Year's celebrations still cannot take place as usual. This condition makes us more alert to minimize physical contact with other people, including family or friends. This causes Nataru celebrations to be held at home.

Of course this makes us disappointed, but to anticipate the increasing number of Covid-19, the government has again limited community activities. Even so, there's no reason to miss Christmas and New Year's moments, right?

You can still do fun and interesting activities with the people closest to you at home, you know! What ideas and reasons can you do at Christmas and New Year at home?

1. Make a Christmas Cake

Your mother or do you like to make cakes? Well, this is one of the ideas and reasons so you can spend Christmas and New Year at home with your family. You can help mommy to make a cake and decorate it together. Eits, not only make cakes with mom, you can also invite dad to decorate it, you know! Guaranteed more fun!

You can make cakes to share with relatives, relatives, or even neighbors. And don't forget to store the cake in an attractive box. You can also add a Merry Christmas and New Year's greeting card so that the impression of Christmas and New Year is still fun even though you have to celebrate it at home.

2. Exchange Gifts

Exchanging gifts is a moment that cannot be missed at Christmas, right? Well, even though you have to celebrate Christmas and the new year at home, you can also do this moment together with your closest family or friends, you know. Because now everything is online, you can buy gifts or gifts through e-commerce. With this convenience, you also don't need to leave the house and can help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Eits, but you don't have to buy it, you know. You can also give your own gifts, such as DIY so that the gift you will give feels special. If you still can't get together with relatives or relatives to exchange gifts, you can send the gifts and make video calls to see each other's reactions. Still feels fun, right?

3. Cooking Dishes for the Family

Cooking together with family can also be a special moment to celebrate the new year at home. You can do grilling in the yard or cook dishes and eat in the shared dining room. This activity can unite family members with each other and of course can make the relationship more intense. You can cook dishes that your family likes or requests from your family.

With it, joy and closeness will arise with the family when eating and gathering together.

4. Movie Marathon

Spending Christmas and New Year's Eve together is a beautiful moment that you will probably never forget. You can watch Christmas-themed movies together or holiday-themed movies with your family and relatives. Or you can even watch your family's favorite movies. You can choose three to four films to watch in sequence, you know.

In addition, you can also prepare snacks for watching movies, such as popcorn or other snacks.

5. Playing Games

In addition to some of the ideas that you can do above with your family, you can also play games together. If you usually do this with your extended family, now you can still do it even if it's only with your nuclear family at home. However, you can also hold online games with your extended family, you know. Now there are many online games that can be played together and of course this will not reduce the moment of Christmas and New Year celebrations with family even though it is done virtually.

Well, those are some ideas and reasons why you need to celebrate Christmas and New Year (Nataru) at home. What other ideas or reasons can you do to spend Nataru's night at home?

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