These 4 Video Editor Applications on Smartphones are Suitable for Beginners to Join Aesthetic Video Trends on Social Media, it's Free!

 When it comes to aesthetic videos, who doesn't like watching this video? As visual creatures, humans certainly have their own satisfaction when they see something that is pleasing to the eye.

Then, have you ever thought about following this aesthetic video trend? But in the end it didn't work because you were confused about how to make the video.

Nowadays, all smartphones are equipped with various interesting video editor applications. Different from the previous applications, which were mostly paid, now many editing applications can be accessed for free and offer complete features.

This is also supported by the high number of social media users who often create various creative video trends. This is where many start to be curious and wonder how to edit the video so that it looks professional and pleasing to the eye even though they only have a smartphone. These four video editor applications are the answer!

1. CapCut

This application became popular when TikTok began to attract a lot of attention from social media users. This is because CapCut provides a template feature that can make it easier for users to do editing. Many CapCut users create video templates according to TikTok trends so that anyone can easily access and use them.

2. VN

You may often see video editing tutorials using VN on Instagram. Just like CapCut, VN is also equipped with template features that you can access for free. You can also look for video references through the VN explore page which contains videos edited by other users.

3. Vllo

This app with a fish icon has almost the same features as VN and CapCut. It includes basic editing features, including cut, split, rotate, crop, and others. There are also decoration features such as filters, stickers, text, and images that can beautify your video.

4. InShot

InShot itself is one of the most widely used video editor applications. Its features are quite complete and easy to learn, making this application highly recommended for beginners. InShot also provides a variety of stickers and GIFs that can be accessed with the search feature or the search bar.

Those are the 4 most used video editor applications on smartphones. Of course, all these applications can be accessed for free and also free watermark. Even so, these four applications still have professional features that you can get by paying a certain price. Don't forget to try it!

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